If you want to pursue a music career, you might feel like you don’t need a college degree. While college isn’t for everyone, there are several reasons people decide to go to college even though they want a career in music. Before you make a life-changing decision, consider all the factors.

Do a Cost Benefit Analysis

You first need to think about your financial situation. What do you have to lose or gain by going to college? Some students are saddled with mountains of debt they have no hope in repaying. The music industry is a high-risk business, so it falls into this potential category.

Despite what people say, receiving a degree won’t do anything for your career if you go in without a plan. Depending on what you want to do, college might be more expensive than it’s worth. Taking private music lessons might be a better option for you. You can train yourself with digital courses on Adobe products for editing music. These are relatively inexpensive ways to carve out a living for yourself without a degree. If you or your music group have a modest following, you may not need a degree to be successful. Don’t go to college without a plan.

A Degree Provides Opportunities

Alternatively, going to college can open opportunities for you. Going into something unrelated to music will provide you a safety net if your music career does not go as planned. This mode of thinking will make your degree worth it in the long run.

But there are music careers you can pursue instead of becoming an icon. There are people behind the scenes who make shows and performances possible. Getting a degree in audio engineering can provide you with many career options. Always seek opportunities that work in different industries.

Learn a Helpful Skill

Some classes teach you skills that can apply to any career—even one in music. Learning broad skills in a deep way can help you pursue a stronger music career, while having marketability in other industries. It is surprising how many ways your degree can help you in the music industry.

Communications majors can teach you how to maximize your online reach. Marketing can help you shape your band’s brand and image. You can acquire business skills to help with paperwork and liability problems music groups face in the business world.

Whether you go to college or not is entirely up to you. Depending on your band’s current success and your financial status, going to a university may not be an option right now. Higher education is not for everyone, and it shouldn’t be for everyone. Many jobs and opportunities are out there if you are willing to seek them out.

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