If you and your family have never been to Michigan, then you are missing out on a treat. Once you learn all that the cities in the Wolverine State have to offer, you may want to make it a frequent vacation spot on your family’s agenda.


Once known as the car capital of the United States, there are many fun things to do in Detroit. The city that was established in 1701 has many attractions that you will want to visit, including visiting the Dabls MBad African Bead Museum with its 18 outdoor art exhibits and a large African material culture exhibit. You will want to bring along extra cash to buy beads from across Africa at the warehouse. You will also want to visit the Detroit Industrial Gallery, where artist Tim Burke creates folk art out of buildings in Detroit that are being demolished. You should also check out the Heidelberg Project, where artist Tyree Guyton works with local youth to turn abandoned houses into substantial works of art using recycled paint and other materials.


Flint is trying to appeal to the art lover in everyone. You cannot go to Flint without noticing over 50 large-scale murals painted on the side of many businesses. These murals have brought artists from all over the world to Flint to paint the side of buildings, and they work with local artists to create amazing results. Flint is home to the second-largest art gallery in Michigan, and there are exciting temporary art exhibits from around the world that you will want to see. The two-day Flint Art Fair gives over 175 artists the chance to exhibit their work in many different mediums. With a number of amenities located near the airport, this city strives for comfort.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is home to one of the world’s richest art competitions, and there are over 100 places to see art in public in the city. The 200-acre Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park features the most extensive outdoor sculpture collection in the Midwest along with being home to the largest tropical conservatory in Michigan. There are numerous festivals in Grand Rapids throughout the year, including LaughFest, Grand Rapids Film Festival, Festival of the Arts, Blues on the Mall and GRandJazzFest.

The next time that you are planning a weekend or a more extended getaway, there is plenty of reasons to consider Michigan. Make your plans now to visit these three cities, and see what they have to offer. You are almost guaranteed to come back home ready to plan your next visit to Michigan very soon.