It was not that long ago when violent crime was a major epidemic in the United States. The crime rates finally started to go down in the late 1990s before eventually leveling off. After several years of stagnation, the violent crime rates are finally going down again. These are the four biggest reasons the violent crime rates are dropping.

Home Security

Many homeowners choose to protect their homes with home security systems that monitor who comes and goes. Some home security systems are more robust than others, but the truth is that all of them are getting more and more advanced. Even just placing a sign outside your house declaring that you have a home security system is enough to keep stupid, opportunistic criminals out.  

Increased Legal Firearm Ownership

Gun ownership among law-abiding citizens continues to rise throughout the country. In fact, there are 17.25 million concealed carry permits in the United States. While some of these guns are only going to be used for hunting, most of them were purchased to support a home defense system. Getting shot is the last thing a criminal wants to happen when illegally entering a home. The odds of this happening continue to rise as more people legally own guns, so criminals are starting to commit fewer robberies.

More Criminals In Prison

The United States often gets criticized for its high incarceration rates, but it is helping eliminate crime. If the criminals are in jail, then they can’t commit a violent crime. It does not get any more intuitive than that. The justice system is also finally giving harsh penalties to repeat criminals. These people are the one most likely to commit crimes, and they are now spending more time in jail.

Improved Police Tactics

Crime tracking statistics have made it much easier for the police to prevent crime. They are now able to see when and where most of the violent crimes are occurring in their city. They then use a tactic called hot spot policing to flood these areas with more patrols. The criminals are less likely to commit a violent crime with an increased police presence in the area.

Advancements in Technology

Technology is making nearly every aspect of our lives easier, and it is also helping reduce crime. Young adults are now choosing to play video games and browse the internet in a house instead of roaming the streets. Technology has also drastically reduced the number of people carrying cash because it is so easy to purchase goods with a debit card or smartphone. Since a robbery is unlikely to yield any benefits, there is no longer any reason to commit the crime.

While there are always outlying problems, the United States is now safer than it has been for decades contrary to what most people believe. Since the factors that helped reduce crime are unlikely to change any time soon, the violent crime rate should continue to fall in the near future.