Farming can be a very profitable career, as long as you know the ins and outs of the type of farm you want to have. There are some people who choose to be farmers solely to produce food for their own families, and there are some people who go into farming as a means of income for their families. There are several different types of farms, and the type of farm you choose to have depends greatly on the location where you plan on having the farm. Here are seven different types of farms that you can make a career out of.

Crop Farmer

When you think of a farmer, crop farmers are what normally come to mind. There are different types of crops that grow well in certain areas, so what you choose to grow will depend on where you are located. Out of all the different types of farms, crop farms are some of the largest industrial types of farms. Usually, larger crop farms are mono-culture farms, which means that they focus on a single crop at a time. Smaller crop farms tend to be more diversified, and they may grow multiple crops at the same time. Farmers rely on specialized equipment, fertilizer, and other systems to help with crop production. 

Livestock Farmer

Livestock farmers focus on raising animals, such as chickens, pigs, cows, or sheep for a variety of consumers. Different types of livestock require different amounts of land and equipment, so make sure you do your research to figure out what you need for the kind of livestock that you want to focus on.  For instance, a commercial chicken farmer will need chicken coops, baby monitors, chains, and cordless impact drivers. As with crop farmers, some animals do better in different climates, so you may need to relocate or provide additional shelter for your livestock in the colder months.

Fish Farmer

Also known as aquaculture, fish farming has recently taken off. Although a lot of people have negative opinions about fish farms, they are quite sustainable when they are clean. A fish farm requires large aquariums, where farmers can raise large quantities of fish to sell for profit. This allows farmers to raise desired fish that might otherwise be difficult to catch in large enough quantities, and it can prevent over-fishing of the more popular types of fish.

Commercial Farmer

Commercial farmers use their farm as their livelihood. While they may consume some of the crops or livestock that they raise, the majority of their output is sold to various consumer to provide income. For most commercial farmers, this is their source of income. If it is a family farm, the whole family is involved in running it. Depending on the size of the farm, commercial farmers may produce a variety of crops, livestock, and other goods, or they may specialize. It all depends on the setup and location of the farm, and what they are able to produce abundantly and make a profit on.

Subsistence Farmer

A subsistence farm is a personal family farm that is meant to provide food for the family that lives and works the land. It is not meant to generate income or to provide a profit for the family. Ideally, these types of farms grow and produce all of the food that the family will need year-round. These types of farms are most popular among those who wish to live off the grid or who live in more isolated areas.

Meat Farmer

Similar to livestock farms, meat farms raise different animals, but they specialize in meat, while livestock farms often produce other animal byproducts. Meat farms traditionally raise cattle and pigs, but there are some that raise sheep or other animals. Most meat farms are large-scale farms. There has been a recent push for more humane conditions for animals that are raised on meat farms, which has led to some changes in the industry.

Dairy Farmer

Dairy farms are exactly what they sound like. These types of farms focus on raising different animals that supply milk. Milk from dairy farms is used to make numerous products, including cheese and yogurt. When people think about dairy farms, they generally think of raising dairy cows, but there are other types of dairy farms available. These specific dairy farms are called artisanal dairy farms, and they focus on raising goats or sheep for their milk.

Overall, it doesn’t matter what type of farmer you want to be; you have to be committed and be willing to research different aspects of the farming industry to be successful. Farming is actually a solid investment that can be more profitable than gold, but it requires you to be very careful about the financial decisions you make. Location, time, preference, and money are all factors that you should consider when going into the farming industry to be sure that you can succeed and sustain your desired income.

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