Chickens are an easy way to bring a little bit of farm to your backyard. As long as your town allows having backyard chickens, with a little bit of preparation, you can soon be enjoying fresh eggs practically every day.


If you are keeping your chickens in a cage, you will want to make sure they have enough space to be able to enjoy life. Some people like to let their chickens out of their cages during the day. They will still need adequate space, even if they are sleeping most of the time. Depending on how much time your chickens will be spending in their cages, you can figure between approximately 4 square feet and 10 square feet for each chicken.


Like humans, basic necessities for chickens are food, shelter, and water. For their shelter, you can purchase your cages or build them yourself. If you have a feed store close by, they probably carry prebuilt cages and/or the materials to build them. For food, you can purchase ready-made or make it yourself. The healthier your chickens eat, the better the eggs will be. They tend to eat insects when left to their own devices, but grasses and green foods help make for tasty fresh eggs. There are a few different kinds of feeders, so you’ll need to choose one that works for you. Dehydration is common in chickens, so make sure your chickens always have fresh water.

Preparations for Weather

Chickens can be timid creatures. They need to be tended carefully and gently if they get scared. Storms often bring with them thunder and lightning. These things can frighten chickens so much they can kill themselves trying to escape their cages. Cold weather can freeze them so it’s important to put them in a warm spot when temperatures dip. Check their water frequently, too, to make sure it hasn’t frozen over. If it gets exceptionally cold in the winter where you live, there are different types of heaters that you can put in your chicken coop to keep them warm. Make sure the chickens aren’t too hot either, though. Heat wreaks havoc on chickens’ delicate systems. They can easily die of heatstroke if they get too hot. Again, if the weather is too extreme, find a more comfortable spot for them for a while.

How exciting it will be for you to soon have your own backyard chickens! Raising chickens can be a great family project to work on with children or a satisfying hobby to undertake as an empty nester. The fresh eggs will jazz up your meals and make even the plainest scrambled eggs taste better.
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