Farm life comes with both joys and challenges. Requiring machinery is inevitable for heavy work, but there’s another piece of equipment that is just as necessary as that trusty tractor. ATVs are in high demand for ranches, farms and orchards around the world. Farmers have found that these light off-road vehicles are perfect for getting them around to inspect livestock and crops as well as hauling things back and forth. There are numerous tasks for which a farmer can use an ATV to lighten their workload.

They’re Adaptable

One of the biggest advantages of using an ATV on the farm is its adaptability. If you take your ATV into a show, they can even add more things for working on a farm. For instance, with the addition of a snow blade, it can be used as a plow to keep the driveway and commonly used paths clear. The snowplow blade can also grade and smooth a gravel driveway. Adding a ball-hitch receiver allows you to add things like a tow-behind sprayer, front-mounted mower, rotary fertilizer spreader and much more. There are so many attachments that can enhance the use of an ATV, and they are all geared toward making the life of a farmer much easier.

They Don’t Lose Steam

Remember the olden days when people used horses and other animals to help them with farm work? Well, machinery has pretty much replaced animals, but not every task requires the use of a large flatbed or a sizable tractor. An ATV is meant to help with smaller projects. It’s designed to make your life more efficient. There is much more you can use these small vehicles for than just work. ATVs have a recreational component too. The biggest advantages are that they don’t get tired after working many hours, and their engines won’t weaken and lose strength, either. If you keep up with basic maintenance, then these off-road vehicles will run for years.

They’re Cost Effective

The convenience factor isn’t the only reason why an ATV is better than a tractor for many jobs. It costs a fraction of the gas to run an ATV across the farm than it does a large machine. Diesel is increasingly soaring far above the price of gas these days, and a farmer needs to save any way possible. An ATV doesn’t cost as much to operate because there’s not as much weight behind them. They can quickly zip in and out of tight spaces and travel speeds a tractor cannot match. Most tractors will cost double the fuel to perform the equivalent work as the smaller vehicle. It’s easy to see how an ATV can be a very beneficial vehicle on a farm. They can save a great deal of money and time. With a few attachments, like the snowplow, they will be the best workhorse on the farm.