The collapsing Obamacare health laws have had a major impact on the U.S. economy with individual spending more on health care and less on other aspects of their life, which has had a major impact on the entire economy of the nation. Among the problems being faced by the U.S. healthcare system is a shortage of healthcare workers and growing debts held by an ever increasing number of hospital and medical offices; it could be argued the Obamacare experiment is fast drawing to a close as the issue is expected to come to a head in the coming years with the entire U.S. medical industry reaching breaking point.

President Obama Created A Flawed System

Although none of us are claiming the system prior to the introduction of Obamacare was perfect we can see the path towards a system not providing adequate care for any U.S. citizen is just a short period of time away. Healthcare professionals have been calling for changes to be made to Obamacare or the creation of a replacement service as they fear the problems caused by an influx of patients not previously covered under a health insurance plan is placing too great a strain on the people of the U.S. and a system weighed down by many new patients.

The Affordable Care Act set out with lofty goals many healthcare professionals believe were never attainable among a society which had not sought regular medical care for a prolonged period of time. The system introduced by President Obama was designed to provide a large amount of preventative care and education based services to help build a better level of good health within the U.S. However, along with a shortage of healthcare workers, the growing number of seriously ill patients entering hospitals and doctors’ offices only added to the debts and funding problems already seen by many healthcare locations.

A Coming Implosion of the Healthcare Industry

The battle being fought over Obamacare among the member of the Republican party in 2017 is not a new one as the issues of paying for Obamacare has always been an important one for conservatives. The truth behind the financial figures seen in the majority of medical environments makes for depressing reading with insurance company debt rising by more than 300 percent across the industry since 2009; the second area of concern is the increasing number of hospitals choosing to lose their independence by taking on the security of much larger healthcare systems.

This unsustainable level of debt and constant searching for profitability is leading to a looming health care crisis with a shortage of healthcare workers leading to reduced levels of care. This challenge is compounded by the exploding costs of education. Many healthcare workers are forced to work heavy hours while pursuing a nursing degree online. Even in some of the most famous hospitals in the U.S., such as Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer, the financial losses caused by Obamacare are affecting almost every aspect of the community. Losses reached $100 million in a single quarter prompting the loss of more than 1,000 jobs; the loss of healthcare jobs is important to the medical community and the Houston, Texas area as M.D. Anderson Cancer is the second largest employer in the city.

Personal Healthcare Costs Continue To Rise

Almost every individual also feels the financial pinch when discussions turn to the personal cost of the Affordable Care Act. Over the course of more than a decade, the cost of healthcare insurance for a family of four has now exceeded $25,000 per annum, a cost that is almost incomparable to the $9,000 cost seen in 2002. The problems caused by Obamacare and the inability of the U.S. health care system to absorb the sudden influx of new patients has led to a crisis within the industry which needs to be addressed quickly and efficiently by the Federal government.