Trump Speech
President Trump delivers his inaugural address.

Democrats, Republicans, and political independents are all anxious to see what the future holds for the health care system in the United States. Newly elected President Donald Trump has already stated that there will be tweaks, if not an outright repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Trump believes that elected representatives should get rid of the individual mandate because people should not be forced to purchase insurance unless they want to. There is a strong impression that President Trump will get rid of the penalty imposed if you do not purchase health insurance. Here are some other potential features of Donaldcare:

Health Insurance Across State Lines

President Trump feels that any insurer should have the opportunity to sell their products in any state provided that the purchased plan is in compliance with that state’s requirements. President Trump believes that allowing full competition in the marketplace will lead to insurance costs going down.


The President says that Health Savings Accounts should be tax free and allowed to accumulate and be inherited, as well as people who are enrolled in high deductible health plans. Health Savings Accounts should be used by any family member without concern of them getting a penalty.

Transparent Prices

People should have the opportunity to look around and find the best prices for their health care. President Trump believes that price transparency would help people who are looking at comparable drugs or trying to decide what primary care doctor to enroll with. President Trump is also looking into grant Medicaid. He feels that states may be in better position to manage the administration of Medicaid better without federal overhead.

Free Markets

Removing barriers to allow entry into free markets for drug providers will lead to safe reliable and cheaper products. President Trump is counting on good oversight so that only drugs that are safe and reliable will make it to the prescription drug marketplace. To that end, President Trump understands that The Food and Drug Administration should be improved. Trump feels that Congress should avoid the special interests and look out for America.

Premium Tax Deductions

President Trump believes that a primary incentive for purchasing health insurance could be the opportunity to receive a write off of the full of your premiums when you file your taxes.

President Trump believes that there should be a review of basic options for Medicaid. The states should work together to make sure that people who want healthcare coverage have the opportunity to do so.