Rachel Maddow MSNBC Trump Tax Return

It all started with a Tweet from Rachel Maddow. She claimed that she had Trump’s tax returns and she was ready to take him down on her MSNBC show. After months of secret meetings, marches, violent protests and non-stop trolling of GOP Congressmen and Senators, this was the moment the Resistance had worked for. Maddow was going to take them across the finish line, or so they believed.

This was the big reveal and the left was ready to see an epic Trump takedown.

Maddow’s show did not exactly live up to the hype. Watch what happened next:

The big news? Trump earned over $100 Million dollars in 2005 and paid $38 Million in taxes! She should have dropped the mic and walked off stage.

Here is the problem with this story. It proved everything Hillary Clinton said about Trump not paying taxes wrong! Maddow, a close ally of Clinton, exposed a huge lie she told America during the debates. In her effort to drive up viewership and ratings, Maddow ended up Rick Rolling her fans with a story that ended up being good news for President Trump.

The reaction from Twitter was swift and brutal.

Maddow’s much-hyped release of Trump’s taxes was a massive let down to the Resistance movement. Her supporters were left disappointed and eager to find something, anything to take down their enemy – President Trump.


Once again the left was unable to face the reality of their situation and began to blame Trump for this epic fail. David Cay Johnson, the reporter who release the returns on Maddow’s show, hinted that maybe Trump was the one who sent him a copy of his tax returns to reverse the constant negative media coverage. Even the Washington Post ran a story that promoted the conspiracy theory that Trump leaked the returns. Trump’s response was that this story was fake news.

Trump’s response was that this part of the story was fake news.

The Resistance got trolled by one of their own and handed Trump a victory. Former Obama staffer and CNN contributor, Van Jones said it best, “If he finds a way to do that over and over again, he’s going to be there for eight years“.

The left may not give Trump enough credit for deflecting their massive onslaught of negative media. This release was just one of many years of tax returns and it generated a big win for team Trump. Perhaps keeping his powder dry for future fights may give the left something to consider over the next few months, for they might not like what he is hiding.

Rachel Maddow will forever be remembered for this epic fail. She cried Wolf Blitzer one too many times.