When is Trump State of Union

The State of the Union address is an important speech for any president. As Donald Trump has just been inaugurated, the public awaits what he has to say. After being sworn into office, he gave a passionate speech that talked about how Americans will begin taking back the country. It will be interesting to listen to the words that he uses when he speaks in front of a joint session of the U.S. Congress.

When Will Trump Deliver His First State of the Union?

The past few presidents never delivered formal addresses immediately after taking office. Instead, they have made statements before Congress after being inaugurated. For instance, Bill Clinton listed his “Administration Goals,” and Gorge W. Bush delivered a “Budget Message.” Probably, Trump will follow suit with a similar format. Although he is outspoken and tweets frequently, Americans may not receive a formal State of the Union until early 2018.

President Trump is scheduled to address a joint session of congress on February 28, 2017.

What Will Trump Talk About?

Typically, the State of the Union is a report on the condition of the country. Also, it is a way to outline a specific agenda and explain the path that will be chosen to move the nation forward. In a 2016 NBC interview, Trump was asked asked what he would speak about in his first address. He responded that he would discuss our military. He intends to make it “biggest, better, and stronger than ever before.” Also, he would stand strong about his position on birthright citizenship. Since Trump intends on creating definite boundaries in the country, his speech would be sure to discuss the status of illegal aliens in America as well. If his speech is not given until 2018, numerous changes will potentially be made to the policies currently in place. One of his major goals includes improving conditions for veterans and providing healthcare for all Americans.

By the time Trump gives his first State of the Union address in 2018, many hope he will be able to report back on fulfilling many of his campaign promises.

Trump is sure to talk more about uniting the country and placing America in a better place. No matter his words, he will take a strong tone of voice. During Obama’s last speech, Trump described him as boring, so he will use charisma to draw excitement. In Obama’s joint congressional addresses in 2009, a South Carolina representative used this opportunity to yell “You lie” during the speech. With all the animosity from the democrats over Hillary’s failure to win the election, there is chance they may stage a unprofessional interruption for Trump.


Trump Speech
President Trump delivers his inaugural address.

Who Will Tune In?

Trump is a showman. According to the Nielsen ratings, his inauguration ranked the second highest in three decades. Approximately 30.6 million viewers tuned in for the event. If this is any indication as to the number of people interested in what Donald Trump says, there should be a healthy audience, and this may be the highest rated presidential address in history. No one truly knows what to expect from Trump’s first State of the Union, but it is sure to continue to raise eyebrows from liberals who oppose his point of view. On Febuary 28, Trump’s speech is bound to be an epic one.