The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges, especially for students. Not only have most campuses gone fully online, which changes your college experience, but the entire social aspect of college has changed. There are a few options for you to choose from, but it is important to pick the best option for you, whatever that may be.

Drop Out and Work

For many people, the pandemic has made school very difficult, if not completely undoable. If that is the case for you, you may want to consider dropping out for the foreseeable future to work. By doing this, you’ll have more money saved up to use for school in the future. Many companies are letting their employees work from home, which may be a good option for you, too. In addition to having financial struggles, many people are struggling with mental health problems this year. If that is the case for you, it may be beneficial to take a break from school to give your mind and body a rest and work on other things in the meantime.

Move to Online

Online courses offer plenty of advantages over in-person classes. With online classes, you have the option to stay at home with your family while you do your classes. This way you get to spend more time with them and save money on rent. If you choose to stay on campus or in an apartment, you will still be able to do your classes and have access to the library and other resources on campus as well.

With online courses, you have more freedom and opportunities to do other things throughout the week, like work or hobbies, that you wouldn’t otherwise. Doing online-only courses is also a safer option as you have less contact and risk of becoming exposed to the coronavirus.

Seek Financial Assistance

There are many scholarships and opportunities available for those who need financial assistance during the pandemic. Many universities are offering scholarships through the different colleges that you can apply for. Ask your department advisor or financial aid office at your university about financial aid options, and they can help you pick what is best for you.

Many things have changed during the coronavirus, but students have had the most change.

From ending last year’s in-person classes early to campuses shutting down from high case numbers, there have been many challenges. However, there are ways to deal with those challenges that will help you cope with college and the pandemic.

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