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How SNHU Online is Growing While For-Profit Colleges are Failing

There can be little doubt that the internet age has revolutionized the world of higher education. Students today turn increasingly to online learning opportunities because of both cost and convenience. Among the most successful online schools is Southern New Hampshire University, a non-profit college with a physical campus in Hooksett, New Hampshire. As this school has grown and prospered in the online space, however, for-profit schools have had a difficult time maintaining their student shares and even keeping their doors open. So, why is it that this innovative non-profit school has found so much success? Here is a comprehensive look at SNHU and why it has been able to thrive while more traditional schools have struggled.

What Kinds of Programs Does SNHU Offer?

SNHU’s online school focuses primarily on programs that will help students to increase their earning power. Business programs, including management and accounting degrees, make up a large part of the degree catalog. Technical skills like information technology are also commonly taught. However, even though SNHU inclines toward the practical, there are still several degrees available that are more purely academic in nature, such as SNHU’s bachelor’s degree in anthropology. With such a diversity of programs, Southern New Hampshire University has something to offer students with practically any set of goals and interests.

How Much Does SNHU Cost to Get a Bachelor’s Degree or MBA?

As with all schools, the number of courses per degree program and concentration at SNHU vary. The cost per course, however, is universal within different levels of programs. For bachelor’s degrees, the cost per course is $960. For an MBA degree, the cost is considerably higher at $1,881 per course. There are also applicable discounts for active members of the military and their spouses.

In the majority of cases, bachelor’s degrees at SNHU include 120 credit hours of coursework. This equates to a cost of $38,400 for the full degree. Compared to University of Phoenix where a bachelor’s degree in business will cost around $55,842, SNHU costs for an online degree may be a value. Financial aid and other savings are, however, applicable in some cases. To see estimated costs for a specific program and find out what savings you may be eligible for, use the SNHU tuition calculator.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Online Degree with SNHU?

Like most traditional schools, SNHU also offers different track courses for students to take to get their degrees. Students may study online full-time or part-time. Students who study full time will take two courses per eight-week period, while part-time students will take one. However, students can structure their degree programs according to how many courses they can complete at a time. With most degree programs including 120 credit hours, a 4-year degree is a fairly common choice.

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Why Has SNHU Been Able to Compete With For-Profit Schools?

A large part of SNHU’s ability to compete with its for-profit cousins is the fact that it strongly appeals to students who are looking for a convenient way to further their education. Many for-profit schools are much more rigid in the structuring of their degree programs, while SNHU lets students work through at their own pace in order to enhance their education without disrupting their day-to-day lives in the process.

Another key element of SNHU’s edge over many other colleges and universities is its pricing model. The average combined tuition and fees for a traditional private university is $33,480 per year. By comparison, the average 4-year bachelor’s degree program at Southern New Hampshire University is only a few thousands dollars more, making it an extremely economical option for students who want to increase their earning potential without taking on excessive amounts of debt.

Finally, SNHU has married convenience and cost-efficiency with one of the greatest benefits of a more traditional learning environment, which is assistance with job placement after graduation. Southern New Hampshire University offers career services that include internship placement and employer connections for graduates. With the help provided by these services, students can feel confident in their educational investment, as it will be more likely that they will secure positions in their chosen fields shortly after graduation.

Overall, the secret to Southern New Hampshire University’s success lies in the intersection of innovation and high-quality educational services. By providing many of the advantages of a traditional university in a format that is more convenient and economical to students, SNHU has made itself an exception to the rule that education is becoming inaccessible. At the same time, the university has positioned itself for current and future success by appealing to students who want to enhance their lives and careers without the personal and financial commitments of attending a more traditional university.