While you are enjoying your golden years, you will want to determine the level of risk with which you are most comfortable for the next 10 to 20 years of retirement. High-yield savings accounts and bonds are the safest forms of investments. Stocks and real estate provide substantial return rates.


Stocks carry the most risk, but they have the most optimal return rates. The stock market, on average, has an 8% to 10% return rate. When you are ready to pick out your preferred stock, study the financial prospectus to select stocks that have an average yield of at least 8% for the last decade. During retirement, you want a steady stream of income to replace at least 70% of the yearly income accumulated during your working years.

What better way to do this than by investing in high-yield dividend stocks? In reality, high-yield dividend stocks appear lucrative since they give the investor a quarterly payout. Some companies that pay a quarterly dividend are oil and gas stocks, technology stocks and telecommunication stocks. Ideally, aim for dividend stocks that have at least a 4% yield rate.

Real Estate

Real estate is a great way to grow your capital income. Your real estate portfolio can increase by the capital gains and equity for the property investment and by having income-generating rental units. According to Parker Buys Houses, investing in real estate can be profitable as long as the property accrues value and can generate passive revenue as long as you have a tenant that pays well.

Becoming a landlord requires a hands-on approach. You will want to consider what expenses you will incur once you become a landlord. It is necessary that you do not overlook the expenses for regular property maintenance, homeowner’s insurance and natural disasters. You will want the rent for the property to cover any necessary monthly mortgage and maintenance costs in addition to needed profits. Rental properties do not have 100% vacancy rates. This consideration must also be included in the revenue factors for your rental properties.


Annuities can guarantee a specific or a variable rate of return for your capital investment. It is important to understand that annuities can be structured like a bond with fixed investments for income. Certain term annuities have monthly income allotments that will allow your principal investment to accrue for a specific number of years.

Retirement is the time you get to enjoy a lifetime of earnings for your hard labor. Choose the appropriate investments that will bring you joy, and conserve your nest egg for many years to come.

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