While some people may tell you otherwise, the truth is that finishing college is hard. If the cost doesn’t get you, the diverse distractions that are rampant on campus can. Otherwise, it could be a demanding course load or changing your major for the third time. It can all be pretty discouraging. That said, finishing college is worth the effort.

Gain Diverse Skills

College is the first experience many young people have living away from home. As such, it offers you a chance to develop a diverse skill set that can prepare you for a lot of things that will come your way in life. According to Student Loan Hero, by developing a personal budget and finding the discipline to show up for class (and later, work), on time, you can learn some valuable life skills beyond just academics. Of course, that’s to say nothing of the perseverance and determination it takes to complete your degree. There’s so much more to a college education than just academics.

Increase Your Career Prospects

That isn’t to say that academics aren’t important, because that simply isn’t the case. The academic portion of your college experience has the potential to significantly increase your career prospects and potential earnings. According to Podium, people with a college degree can earn around $30,000 more a year than non-graduates. When you consider that some hiring managers won’t even look at your resume for a job if you haven’t completed a degree, it becomes pretty clear that finishing college can open a lot of doors for you in terms of your career.

Building Your Network

The degree itself isn’t the only thing that can open doors for you though. College can be a great opportunity to build your personal and professional network. You have the option to develop relationships with classmates and professors who can later vouch for your knowledge and skills. They could potentially give you referrals that can help you get your foot in the door for jobs or internships that you might not otherwise get. According to NetWorkWise, if you need letters of recommendation, professors you’ve developed a good working relationship with can be the perfect ones to ask. All of that becomes possible because of your efforts in college.

Despite the difficulties, or perhaps because of them, finishing college is worth the effort. It allows you to gain diverse skills, can increase your career prospects, and gives you a chance to build your network. All of these things can be incredibly valuable as you enter the next chapter in your life. Get yourself off on the right foot by finishing what you started.