jeb bush wall street

The first official ballots are still months away, so it’s still anybody’s guess who will come out on top of a very crowded GOP field of presidential hopefuls. However, it looks like one candidate—former Florida Governor Jeb Bush—already has the support of Wall Street.

According to new reports on campaign finance, Goldman Sachs employees donated $144,900 to Bush during his first 14 days as a Republican presidential candidate. Contrast that with the $55,000 Senator Marco Rubio—another Florida figure–got from folks at Goldman Sachs since kicking off his campaign run in April.

Bush has also gotten sizable funds from the financial sector, including over $65,000 from investment from Neuberger Berman, over $29,000 from people who work at Barclays, and over $36,00o raised by a Mortgage Bankers Association lobbyist.

Overall, from the time Bush officially entered the race in the middle of June until June 30, the fundraising deadline for the quarter, Bush’s campaign netted $11.4.

It’s probably too early to tell if Bush’s success in raising Wall Street money is an indication that the financial industry is shifting its economic support from the Democratic Party to the GOP. During the fundraising period from April to June, Hillary Clinton, who many see as her party’s favorite to win the nomination, raised over $47.5 million, much of which came from the economic sector.

The GOP field is getting more crowded each day as new candidates continue to join the race.