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There is something about the view from a car that no other experience can replicate. But the question is, where to? See below for some of the best places in North America for drives.

1) Route 1 (Alcan Highway), Alaska

Driving along Route 1 is a majestic journey through a truly unique glacial landscape. The highway is massive at about 546 miles, stretching from Homer to Tok. If you head north from Anchorage, you can stop at Denali State Park to view the jaw-dropping snow-capped mountains on the continent’s highest peak, and if you are there in the wintertime, head into Fairbanks to see the Northern Lights. Make sure you know how to drive during winter and on iced roads as the area can get quite severe at times.

2) The Emerald Coast, Alabama

This 32-mile drive along the Alabama coastline boasts some of the finest seafood, golfing, and fishing spots in the country. Miles of gorgeous Alabama coastline are interspersed with vacation towns, elegant beachfront homes, and breathtaking scenic vistas. Be sure to come out here in the summer for beach adventures of a lifetime.

3) Mount Evans Scenic Byway, Colorado

Just 35 miles west of Denver, this drive is the continent’s highest paved road at 14,130 feet. Along this 28-mile road above the clouds, you’ll glimpse some of the oldest bristlecone pines, sparkling lakes, and even some unique wildlife, like bighorn sheep and mountain goats. This drive is not for the novice, however; as you ascend, there are no guardrails.

4) Pacific Coast Highway, California

This 123-mile stretch from Monterey to Morro Bay boasts breathtaking ocean views of rugged cliff sides and even the occasional sea lion, all while hugging twists and turns. You will go through Big Sur, lauded as the most scenic area of undeveloped coastline in the “Lower 48”, and also the historic Golden Gate Bridge. And while you are at it, perhaps a stop off at Disneyland can be on the agenda, as well. 

5) Going to the Sun Road, Montana

Located within Glacier National Park, and only open seasonally, you’ll be mystified by the grandiose lakes, and snow-capped mountains as you traverse along this 50-mile road within the Rocky Mountains. It is not only a National Historic Landmark, but also a National Historic Place, and a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Because the road gets so narrow with dangerous overhangs at points, there are restrictions on vehicle lengths. The road stands as one of the first endeavors taken upon by the NPS and is designed around the “road-tripper.”

So what are you waiting for? Gas up your car and get out there; there’s so much to see!

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