Planning a party of any kind can be a big undertaking. It takes a lot of thought and planning to ensure that every detail is as close to perfect as possible. When you’re planning a cocktail party that you’ll host at your home, there are several details that you should think about that will determine how successful your party will end up being. From drinks to entertainment, there is a lot that goes into the perfect cocktail party.

Have an Array Drinks

There are so many different beverages that you can have at a cocktail party. Everybody will likely have their own preferences when it comes to what they drink, so it’s ideal to have as many options available as you can. You probably have some alcohol in your home, but think about setting up an actual bar for the party. If you want to keep things affordable while still having a large selection of drinks, invest in good quality vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum and gin. Don’t forget about the beer and whiskey, and you can purchase a number of different products to mix into the alcohol. Many people will want to slowly sip on something like a gin and tonic, whiskey sour or vodka mixed with something like cranberry juice. Some shots may be poured during the party as well.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

No cocktail party is complete without some snacks that people can munch on. You don’t have to provide a full sit-down meal to your guests, but people like to keep a little bit of food in their stomach while they are drinking. You can set up a table with various dips, chips, vegetables, fruit, cheese, meats and crackers. If you are focusing on the rest of the party, you can easily pick up some catered food the day of the party. Sushi is another party favorite that people can grab a few pieces of as they socialize.

Choose the Right Spot in Your House

The area of your home that you choose for your party should have plenty of space for people to gather. The kitchen and living room are common spaces for a cocktail party. If you have an indoor bar, this is also a great spot. If the weather is nice, you can move the party outdoors. There are several benefits of installing a deck in your backyard, especially if you enjoy entertaining. If you want to host parties despite the weather, you can invest in a canopy or awning for your deck area. Enjoying some drinks under the evening stars is a memorable way to spend some time.


It’s fun to walk around and get to know people at a cocktail party, but many people will make their rounds quickly and end up leaving. If you want guests to stay, it’s helpful to have some form of entertainment. Board games are always fun and have a way of getting everyone involved. Karaoke is also a party favorite. If you don’t want to bring in outside entertainment, you can host some card games or have a sports game playing.

Preparing Your Home

The current setup of your home might not be ideal for hosting a cocktail party. There should be some nice open spaces where people can converse. Couches can be moved out of the way to provide some larger areas. Clutter should be put away before the party begins. This is one convenient factor when you choose to host your party outside. If you have a large yard, there will be plenty of space for people to move around as long as the weather is good. Bringing some additional seating in might be necessary if you’re hosting a large number of people at your party.

A cocktail party takes a bit of planning to pull off properly, but once you host one party, you’ll feel comfortable throwing together a cocktail party at a moment’s notice. Spending a little time thinking about the beverages and snacks that you’ll serve makes a big difference in how enjoyable a party will be. The setting is also important. You want to make sure you have enough space and that the décor is optimal for a party.

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