When your children turn sixteen, it’s likely that they will want to learn how to drive. But before your children learn to drive, it’s important to teach them about driving safely. Here are three crucial points that you should teach your children before they get behind the wheel.

Tickets Are Expensive

The legislatures and the courts don’t want people presenting a danger to themselves or others on the road, so a punitive system exists to fine them when cited for a moving violation. Young people might not know how expensive tickets are, but neither do many adults. For example, in California, drivers not coming to a complete stop when turning right on red receive fines of $490. Teaching kids the value of money also includes informing them that racking up tickets is wasteful.

The ticket alone isn’t the only costly thing; auto insurance rates go up as well. One error in judgment on the road can cost a lot of money. And besides the money, there’s also the costlier safety risk that poor driving creates.

Distracted Driving Kills

Distracted driving is just one of the common causes of car accidents, but it is a big one. This refers to a driver doing something that takes his or her eyes and attention off the road. Texting, playing with the radio, looking at the scenery, and the like all lead to distracted driving. When distracted, the chances for causing an accident increase. Unfortunately, the accident might not be just a minor fender bender.

Each year, too many people are seriously injured or killed due to distracted driving. Drivers, passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians are all at risk for harm. And a car doesn’t have to be going fast to kill. Teach kids to never entertain any distractions when driving.

Driving is a Privilege

The state gives drivers the privilege of a license, and the state can take that privilege away. Kids need to know a few truths: if you violate too many laws or scoff at rules and regulations, you could lose your license, your registration, and your insurance. Kids should realize they can’t take the privilege of driving for granted. They must embrace responsible driving, so the privilege is never taken away.

Never feel it is too early to teach youngsters the art of responsible driving. Instill good habits and wisdom early, and they may do the right thing when older. It’s better for them to know how to be safe than to be ignorant and get themselves into an accident.