Have you ever considered decluttering your home, but aren’t sure when would be best? The answer is surprising for most people: autumn. The fall season provides you the perfect opportunity to throw away trash and clutter to get your home in tip-top shape for the year. Here are the top three reasons to start now.

It Keeps Pests Away

If you have ever experienced an infestation, you will know it is not a fun experience. Pests are common in the winter, as most of them are seeking shelter from the cold weather. Your home might provide an excellent food source and warm house until March comes along.

You do not want any pests in your home, as they carry disease and can contaminate your food storage. Mice often build nests in clutter, so it’s not good to leave it lying around. By removing the clutter before winter, you are taking away a valuable hiding place for most pests.

You’ll Free Up Garage Space

While the garage is intended to be used for cars and tools, some people use their garage as a primary storage location. This not only encourages pests to flock to your garage for a temporary home (garages are easy for mice and rats to enter,) but it limits what you can store in your garage.

If you decide to organize it, you should start by sorting everything into different groups. There could be a lawn-care or sports group, for example. Then you should throw clutter away (or donate items) to make more room.

Prep for Holidays

If you are an entertainer, hosting holiday parties is probably the most important reason you should declutter before winter. Decluttering before your guests arrive will help you feel confident and comfortable.

If family members are planning on staying at your home, there is nothing to worry about. After you have decluttered, you don’t have to move your storage around, and you can make your family feel welcomed. Consider buying storage containers and sorting out your clutter into the different drawers. Always start with smaller rooms and sections first, and gradually the bigger areas will be complete. Decluttering is a process, not an event.

While “spring cleaning” may be a more popular term, “fall cleaning” has its place in your home life. There are a lot of benefits to decluttering in fall. You can prepare against pests, get your storage in tip-top shape, and provide the best welcoming party environment possible.

If you need some help decluttering your home, schedule an appointment for our home and office organization services! We are happy to help.