With COVID-19 still running rampant, people who want to participate in activities are encouraged to do so in outdoor settings. Fortunately, there are some great seasonal outdoor activities you can do during this time of year. Though the month is halfway over, there are still plenty of fun things to do this October.

Enjoy the Autumn Scenery

Autumn brings with it some truly amazing scenery. October may be the perfect time to enjoy the outdoor views. By October, the process of the leaves changing colors is well underway, and many of them are still on the trees. If you love hiking, this can be a great way to enjoy the stunning foliage. As an added bonus, the weather tends to be cooler and crisper, but not too cold to enjoy a good hike outdoors. As you walk, you might enjoy collecting fun fall leaves. This can be an especially great activity for children to help them stay engaged as you hike.

Harvest Your Crops

Many people picked up gardening as a hobby this year. If you are one of them, it may be time to harvest your crops. It’s important to do this before temperatures drop too much or you run the risk of your harvest being destroyed. Cold temperatures aren’t the only threat to your harvest you need to be aware of. Plant diseases such as stalk rot can spell trouble for the crops in your garden. Stalk rot tends to start at the root and spread to the top quickly. When harvesting, handle the plants with care. You may find that you need to return multiple times to your plants to ensure that you’re picking produce as it ripens. Try to avoid picking it before that point.

Farm-Themed Activities

Fall comes with a plethora of fun farm-themed activities that are perfect for October. Try your hand at scarecrow stuffing. You can use your finished scarecrow as a Halloween decoration. Visit a pumpkin patch and choose a pumpkin to carve and add to your front porch. Catch a ride on a hayride. Or you might try your hand at making it through a corn maze. There are lots of fun options you can try.

Fall has arrived, and along with it, some wonderful seasonal activities that you are sure to love. Autumn boasts stunning scenery with colorful foliage. If you’ve been growing a garden, harvest time is upon you. There are also lots of fun farm-themed activities you can do. Take some time this October and enjoy all the fun outdoor activities it has to offer.

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