Selling your home while you’re still trying to live in it can be extremely stressful. You’re always fighting to keep everything picked up and you have to clear out for showings. There are other solutions beyond a price drop, however. Below are some tips to try before you cut into your potential profit.

Change the Style

Your home may be perfect for you, but that can be off-putting to potential buyers. According to The Staging Team, home staging has many benefits that could help your home sell faster. If you have the house priced at a move-in ready price but have extremely personal features such as accent walls or a sports-themed basement, you are probably getting in your own way. Try to make your home as simple and monochromatic as possible, or better yet, work with pros who have experience in creating a place that buyers will want to see. The pros know that it can’t be too personalized.

Fix the Small Stuff

You might like your personal decorations and not mind your home’s quirks, but you want your home to look like a place a potential buyer can visualize as their own. Take down all your photos of family and friends. Since it’s a good idea to paint anyway, take everything down, patch the walls, and paint the interior of the home so the space looks and feels fresh. If you want to hang anything, use removable hooks so you don’t make any more holes in the walls. If there are small quirks that you never got to when living in the home, take the time to address them. It may be a perfectly fine creaky floorboard to you; however, to someone else, it could be the difference between a sale and walking away.

Make Low-Cost Improvements

Obviously, you want as much money as possible from the sale of your home. Beyond repair and maintenance, you can also upgrade dated or worn items in a small remodel project. If the flooring is old or worn out, go ahead and replace it. Look for end lots or discounted products from warehouse stores. Most new buyers want to be able to move in fairly quickly. By having the house move-in ready, you can appeal to buyers that are in a rush. If you need to move out to make these repairs, National Cash Offer suggests talking to the owners of the house you’re buying to see if there’s an option for you to rent while you finalize the sale of your home. This means that you only have to move once, that they get some income from their house, and that you can make the repairs needed to sell your place.

Waiting for a house to sell can be agonizing, especially if you’re planning to buy another house and need the money for a downpayment before you move. Simple upgrades to a home you’re trying to get rid of may seem counterintuitive, but they can really speed the process along.