You’ve just come home from the DMV with an excited teenager, but your heart feels like lead. They’ve just passed their driving test, and as a reward, you promised to get them their first car. But how will you go about doing such a thing? Buying your teenager their first car can seem overwhelming, but there are certain things to remember that will aid you as you seek to outfit your teenager with a vehicle.

Buy Used

Your teenager now can drive, but that doesn’t mean that they should be given the fanciest or most expensive car on the market. Consider buying a used car, especially one from a certified pre-owned dealership. A modest used car doesn’t have to be impressive, but it does need to run. While it may be slightly pricier than buying a used car online, a pre-owned dealership examines the car for wear and tear and makes sure that they run. A used car may not be the most glamorous car your teen might be picturing, but it will get them around.

Buy a Safe Car

In addition to buying a used car, make sure that the car you buy is safe for your teenager to drive. A cheap car that has a bad transmission may not be the best buy. Many cars today come with advanced safety features designed to prevent accidents. These features might be a little more expensive than a used car without them, but their presence can ease your mind slightly about your teenager driving their own car.

Buy a Car Your Teen Will Like

An important thing to remember is that your teenager will be the one driving the car that you buy. When it comes to buying them their first car, make sure they have a say. Consider asking them for what they are looking for in a car. Consider taking them with you to test drive the car. Even though you as the parent will have the final say, involve them in the process. Setting clear expectations for driving behavior is important, but remember that this is their first car. It’s a big deal for them.

Buying your teen their first car may be stressful, but there are things you can do to make it easier. You’ll find it is a worthwhile experience as your teen’s very first car marks an important step in their growth to adulthood.

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