It’s never a bad time to take advantage of opportunities for teaching your children how to give back to their community. Teaching children how it is truly better to give than to receive will naturally increase their own sense of personal gratitude. Here are three ways that you can teach your children how to be generous this spring.

Donate Old Toys

Spring cleaning is an ideal time to sort through old toys and donate them to those less fortunate. In order for the giving to make a big impact, your child needs to feel the weight of their contribution. Donating their own toys is a good way for them to feel this on a personal level. You can help your child pick out a few of their toys that they think another child would also enjoy and pack them up to be donated to an organization like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. As a bonus, they will enjoy a less cluttered room if they get rid of some of their toys.


In addition to giving material things, it is important to teach your children why they should give their time. There are numerous ways that you can volunteer with your child in a way that is meaningful for them. Homeless shelters and soup kitchens are always in need of volunteers. If you don’t have a homeless shelter or soup kitchen nearby, consider donating some canned food to a local food drive. Another way to show generosity is to donate blankets to people in need. Warm wool socks and hand warmers are also good items to consider donating to the homeless population during days that are colder.

Help Your Elderly Neighbors

One of the most vulnerable populations is the elderly. Teach your child how to be a good neighbor by volunteering to mow an elderly neighbor’s lawn or run errands for them. You can also volunteer to bring your child over to help them with the household chores. Some seniors with limited mobility get lonely, opening up opportunities for you to invite them over for dinner and a board game night. Even something as simple as baking cookies and delivering them to your elderly neighbors’ doorstep will teach your child the value of kindness.

The spring is just as good a time as any to teach your child how to be generous. You and your child do not have to be elaborate in your generosity. Sometimes, it is the simple acts of kindness that make the biggest impact on both the giver and receiver.