If you desire to become the king of the no-prep drag racing streets, then you have got to know your stuff front and back. There is no doubt that when you put together the build of your drag car, it was a labor of love for you. You were proud of every detail of your build, and you were proud of the insane you were able to reach as you went down the no-prep strip. Of course, even though it’s boring to think about, you also have to consider what you are going to do with your build creation during the offseason. What are your options for storage? That is one of the things that we shall examine. Consider some of these options:

Storing Your Car at Home

Some people prefer storing their build at home. Indeed, there are a lot of practical reasons for doing this. One of the main advantages would be that you can easily keep watch on the drag car and you also have 24-hour access to it. However, you have to be careful about the elements getting to your project car. Moreover, you might have to keep it under a tarp or a cover so that the neighbors do not complain.

One option you have for storing and protecting your car at home is to build a metal carport or garage. Metal building kits make it easy for you to DIY the project and build it yourself. A garage is the ideal storage solution for a car, truck, or jeep. If you have an existing garage, then you can reorganize the space to make room for your build. Make use of overhead storage to safely store hardtops, large items, and other miscellaneous stuff. This will make additional space in your garage, so you have all the space you need to store your car at home. 

Using Storage Units

Should you use storage units? Yes and no. Storage units are great as long as you can keep the whole deal under wraps. If you can’t, it could lead to some personal headaches. You see, as much as a storage unit might seem like the perfect garage, no self-storage facility wants to unwittingly host a chop shop. It might be better to save this option as a last resort and try to find alternatives if you can.

Using a Friend or Family Member’s Barn

Borrowing someone’s barn might seem like the perfect solution as well, but it also is not without its pitfalls. First of all, the concrete and dust can have a negative effect on your drag vehicle. Moreover, you might want to consider paying the owner of the barn some type of reimbursement or it might lead to resentment.

Keeping all of these tips in mind will definitely ensure that when you get your build out for the new season it will be ready to tear up the street!