It’s common sense to wear protective gear while on a motorcycle. Even so, many people still refuse to do it. If you’ve had a wake up call (and be sure to talk to an attorney if injured in an accident) or would just like a good list of supplies to get while purchasing your first bike, here’s four pieces of protective gear all motorcyclists need to stay safe while on the road.


The most fundamental piece of equipment every motorcyclist should use every single time they ride is a helmet. A helmet protects your head in a crash and can greatly lessen your injuries, plus it might be required by law depending on where you live. Not only that, a proper motorcycle helmet cover your entire face also shields you from high winds and debris that could fly into your eyes and obstruct your vision.


Second only to a helmet in importance, leather and/or Kevlar gloves protect your hands from injury while helping you keep a firm grip on your handlebars. If you happen to crash, your instinct might be to throw your arms out to try and break your fall. While this isn’t as helpful as one might think (it’s much better to curl into a ball if you’ve been thrown from your bike), wearing gloves can help prevent serious damage to your hands like finger loss, as tough leather will absorb a good deal of the damage as you slide across the ground.

Leather Jackets

A sturdy leather jacket is your best friend while riding a bike. High speeds can get chilly, so a thick jacket is definitely helpful in keeping you from freezing while out on the road. It’s also a useful form of protection. While not as effective as a helmet or hard pads, leather is a tough material and can take a decent amount of punishment in a crash. It’s much better to have that flesh scraped off on the road than your own.

Motorcycle Boots

Over the ankle boots are not optional when riding your bike. Not only do they protect your feet and lower legs from injury in the event of a crash (other types of shoes are liable to fly off your feet), they provide some much needed text to help you stay on your bike and control it.


There are many more pieces of equipment one should consider using when riding a motorcycle, but these four will provide adequate protection from most hazards you would find while riding. Remember to drive safely.