A birthday party is always a special occasion in a child’s life, and, as a parent, you want to make sure that everything is not only perfect but also unique and special. However, visit any child’s birthday party, and you’ll no doubt see the same type of party themes being repeated. So, how can you be unique as well as go above and beyond for your child? Here are a few tips on hosting and decorating for a Western-themed birthday party.

Setting the Scene

If you live in a dry climate, then the outside should be your first choice for the location of your Western party. Not only is half of your decor the outdoors, but setting up outside provides you with more room to add additional background decorations. When setting up for the nighttime portion of the party, it can be difficult to stick with the Western theme if large fluorescent lights are beaming down on you. Instead, utilize electric lanterns to avoid fire risk and keep the effect of the Wild West going. What about if you live in a colder climate and an outdoor event is out of the question? A great way to keep with the theme is to replace modern furniture with barrels and stacks of hay. You may also incorporate disposable Western wall art to place on your walls, thus giving you that scenic desert background needed to keep on theme.

Cowboy Gear

Adding decorations to help your area resemble the Wild West is a good thing, but if you really want to go above and beyond, then you might want to also consider cowboy gear. Of course, purchasing hundreds of cowboy hats and boots can be quite expensive. Instead, ask your guests to come already in cowboy attire. You can then spruce their outfits up with custom-made sheriff’s badges and toy guns. Hanging up horseshoes, spurs and cowboy hats as decorations will also help set the scene.

Wanted Posters

When it comes to celebrating a Western-themed birthday party, almost everyone wants to be the rebellious bandit. Therefore, a great way to provide this experience for people and also add to the day’s activities is to add wanted posters to the mix. Using the right angle and backdrop for a mugshot on a wanted poster can take your posters to the next level. Make sure that you have a printer with paper that has an aged and weathered appearance on stand by to provide your guests with a copy to take home. You may also utilize technology to send the photo directly to their phones.

Western-Themed Food

Keeping to a theme means looking at all the details of the party, including the food. Thus, pizza may not be the best of choices for a Western-themed party. Instead, provide dishes such as steak, mashed potatoes, tacos, and chips and dip. Supervised kids can roast hotdogs over a campfire, and s’mores, while perhaps not authentic to the Wild West, are always a hit with children. Organizing the food for a party can be a big task to complete, so you might want to consider bringing in a caterer for the night.

Don’t Forget the Invitations

A festive birthday invitation is the first indicator and predictor of the theme of the party. So, instead of using regular invitations to inform your friends and family, think about switching it up. You can use worn-looking paper to demonstrate your Western theme.

If you want your next birthday party celebration to truly be unique, consider throwing a Western-themed party. No matter your age, a Western-themed party can truly make the night unforgettable. Simply utilize the information above to begin planning the perfect party for your children or yourself.

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