The outdoors provides a perfect opportunity for kids to be kids and grow up in a normal way. All the jumping, rolling on the ground, tree climbing, and all sorts of games are great for kids. You will notice that kids that grew up in the countryside settings are happier and more active than those that were brought up in the cities. The outdoor experience is great for kids’ development, emotional control, and mental wellbeing. This article explains all the details you need to understand why the outdoors are great for kids.

Mental Benefits

The sounds, sunlight, smell, and games associated with the outdoor experience are essential for the mental development of kids. The experiences of nature bring bout great restorative experiences. They help in stress recovery and mood development, which are all healthy for the brain. There is a lot of scientific development proving that kids that get enough outdoor experience become more focused and attentive hence likely to record good performances in school.

Social Benefits

When kids play outside, they get the opportunity to interact with their peers, which is a great way to develop social skills. Playing and interacting with other kids helps them become more cooperative, and they learn to work together in a team setup. The kids become more friendly, and even if you have to move and introduce them to a new environment with new people, they will be likely to catch up faster. These kids are more expressive; they can verbalize their desires, speak out their fears, and develop more self-esteem. The green spaces and nature are, therefore, vital for the development of kids’ social skills.

Health Benefits

Playing outside and having enough sunlight is important for general body health and improved immunity among kids. Kids that play outside benefit a lot from vitamin D, which is vital for the development of strong bones and a good mood. The indoor air is not so healthy because kids can easily develop allergy reactions or cold. Kids need intense physical activity for their weight improvement. If kids spend most of their time indoors playing video games, they are likely to become overweight and risk lifestyle diseases such as obesity and blood pressure. Walking in nature is a great way to reduce blood pressure and stress levels among kids and adults.

Taking Risks

The exposure to nature gives children a chance to learn, explore, and fail. When they try new things such as climbing trees or jumping, and they fall and hurt themselves, they learn better. The hard experiences make them stronger and more careful. For instance, kids learn not to play with some kinds of insects because they sting. They learn that heights are dangerous. As a parent, you sometimes find yourself instilling fear in your children not because you want them to be weak, but because you care about their safety. However, allowing them to take risks and learn from their experiences is a good way for them to develop confidence and bravery. They can only get all these from the riches of nature.

Better Vision

Outdoor kids will have no needs for eyeglasses in the future. They are more exposed to healthy outdoor light and stare less at the screens. Getting enough exposure to natural light is essential for proper eye development. The time spent outdoors turns out to be very protective of kids from nearsightedness and myopia, even in cases where genetics are involved. Exposing the kids with nearsightedness and myopia genes delays the onset or prevents it altogether. The natural light gives the eyes a break from close work like studying or watching TV. A child can look at distant objects more comfortably and enjoy the bright daylight.

How to Do It

Some kids are so addicted to watching television and playing video games, that going outside can become a problem. You need to learn how to teach them to appreciate the outdoors without being too pushy. You can start by leading by example. Most kids won’t be outside if the parents are not. You need to be out too to encourage them to love nature. If you have a toddler, you should start by taking them out once in a while and introducing them to nature. Taking a walk in the park or just around the neighborhood is enough to ensure your baby receives enough outdoor exposure. If you’re going long distance you will have to find a good kind of stroller that works for them so that none of you gets too overwhelmed.

Expose your kids to a wide variety of activities at a young age, and by the time they get to a certain age, they will be able to play by themselves without your supervision. Let them swing, climb structures, collect items, go swimming, run around, play in the sandbox, among other things. Ensure you become creative every time you go outside so that your kids won’t get bored.

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