Families are impacted daily by wrongful deaths. An individual may be working and, due to the negligence of another, an accident can ensue causing death. Mothers, fathers, children and other family members are significantly impacted by this end in various ways.

Impact on children

One of the most significant impacts a wrongful death can have is what children endure. If the decedent was a parent, the children have lost finances provided for them. They not only lose the present investments but any investments supplied for the future such as college.

The children also lose nurturing the parent gives. For example, when a child’s feelings are hurt, mothers give talks and hugs. They provide the nurture and care that the child needs to feel better. Fathers play with the children and make bad things go away. That child has lost that forever.

Impact on spouses

A spouse is impacted due to finances just as the children are. They also lose the companionship for now and for the future that the spouse would have provided. They can no longer come home from a hard day and talk to their spouse to feel better. They can’t cuddle on the couch and ease their pain.

The spouse must also deal with funeral expenses. If the death occurred at an early point in the decedent’s life, they might not have a burial policy to cover those costs. The spouse is usually responsible for the expenses. This responsibility along with losing their spouse can drive stress levels through the roof.

Impact on parents

One of the hardest things a parent can do is to bury their child. The impact on a parent is detrimental. They may have funeral expenses to deal with. That coupled with the thought of losing their child forever can often be too much to bear. If the child were young, that parent would never see them graduate or grow up.


Wrongful death impacts all family members in horrible ways. Besides those mentioned above, they often deal with psychological trauma. An attorney can help relieve some of the stress, and trauma family members suffer from the loss of a loved one. There is no price to put on an individual’s life, but an experienced attorney can help ease financial burdens and bring some peace to the family. Give us a call today if you have a wrongful death case, and let us help get your life back together.