With warmer weather and endless sunshine on the horizon, it is time to start thinking about how you can transition your makeup routine from winter to spring. Now is the perfect time to rehaul your eye beauty routine for a refreshed look. Here are three eye beauty tips for the spring season.

Smart Shadow

You can add life to tired eyes by leveraging the best colors of the spring season. Pastel shades are a great complement to the natural hues of spring. The latest shimmer trends will make eyes pop so that you stand out from the crowd. The spring is the perfect time to experiment with different colors and have fun with making your eyes sparkle and shine. Good choices to try out include bubble gum pink shades, glittery silver hues, and soft lavenders.

Luscious Lashes

Highlight your new eyeshadow look by adding long and luscious lashes to your overall beauty profile. Lash extensions are an easy way to give yourself the eyelashes that you have always dreamed of having. Despite common myths, lash extensions won’t ruin your natural lashes. While you need to be careful for the first 24 hours after application, you will soon realize that you can go on with all of your everyday activities without worry. You will also save time in the morning because you will simply wake up with beautiful lashes.

Spruce Up Eyebrows

Your eyebrows can make or break your overall eye look. Gone are the pencil-thin eyebrows of yesterday. In their place are now thick and full eyebrows. However, you want to be careful that your eyebrows do not become too overgrown. There is a fine line between keeping your eyebrows maintained and plucking them too often. Spending a few minutes each day looking for stray or out of place brow hairs can make a big difference in the appearance of your entire eye area. While you want full brows, you also want to serve the purpose of opening up your eyes for a brighter aesthetic. Tweezing after you shower will make the process less painful because the follicles are warm and open to easier plucking.

Embrace the start of spring with a new eye look. You will love trying out these new styles to find the look that best suits your personality and needs. Don’t be afraid to get creative to find the best spring look for you.

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