For most businesses, a rate of success in creating and selling a product is often directly correlated to the strength of the customer relationships that business has built over time. Indeed, by showing customers and clients that their needs are valued, most businesses will earn the trust and respect of both their peers and their buyers, qualities that will often determine a company’s high rate of success in the long run.

Building Long-Term Success

When a business relies on the shipping of its products as a part of its profit margin, for example, the potential for creating customer satisfaction via excellent service is very high. This is especially true with regard to the packaging of products. Because a package is often the first point of contact between a company and its customer base, the old adage that there is only one chance to make a good first impression becomes extremely relevant when shipping a product through the mail.

It is no secret, for example, that companies such as Amazon make their packages instantly recognizable to customers and non-customers alike, making it possible for those companies to build on the positive associations connected with a client receiving one of their products through the mail system. Indeed, most of us will likely instantly recognize the look of an Amazon package, even if we’re only seeing it in passing. You want the same to be true of your packaging materials. Your brand is everything when it comes to selling products online, which is why it’s important to build and protect your brand. Competition can be brutal in an online marketplace, so online retailers advise sellers to register their brand. Taking this step early on helps ensure long-term success in e-commerce. 

Better Business Through Stellar Packaging

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So how do top businesses ensure that their packaging brings a smile to a client or customer’s face? Fortunately, numerous companies are devoted to providing stellar packaging to businesses, meaning that the ability to provide great packaging for a great product has never been easier.

When a company seeks out a great packaging company, the rewards can be extremely high. Customers tend to respond with excitement and anticipation when they purchase a product with great packaging, as such packaging often makes them feel that they’ve become a member of an elite club. Since a good rule thumb in running a business is the so-called “80-20 principle,” that is, that 80 percent of a company’s business will come from 20 percent of its customers, living up to a customer’s high expectations is a great way to ensure that a genuinely enthusiastic customer base will keep a company’s level of success at a consistently high level.

How to Turn a Package into a Gift

For many consumers, receiving a package is a lot like receiving a birthday present. This is especially true when a customer purchases a product that they have been looking forward to receiving for some time.

Indeed, a cursory glance at sites like Youtube will reveal hundreds if not thousands of dedicated fans reviewing the latest product they’ve purchased. What ties these reviews together? For the most part, the vast majority of product reviews on Youtube begin with a section termed “un-boxing.” Whether it’s a Youtube reviewer opening a package containing a new pair of sneakers or a new phone, it is worth paying attention to how much of the first minute of the video is comprised of a review of the package that the product was delivered in.

Boutique Packaging: Making the Customer Feel Valued

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That does not mean that receiving functional products such as office supplies in the mail can’t be just as fun for a client, however, and as more packaging companies compete to provide businesses with high-end packaging for low prices, a company’s ability to create a “boutique” feel to product packaging does not have to cost exorbitant prices.

In business, even the smallest displays of generosity are appreciated. Showing a customer that they are valued by leaving a nicely-made thank you card with their package can often mean the world to someone receiving a great package from a company, and leaving an informative booklet with the item can also help customers stay abreast of new changes in product specs or policies. Investing in great materials and high-quality boxes can also leave first-time customers and dedicated fans alike with positive vibes after receiving a new item.

A Guide to High-Quality Shipping

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While the ideas for packaging a great product are many, the actual requirements for packaging and labeling a product can sometimes be a hard road to navigate. Fortunately, businesses who are making their first forays into shipping products can be guided by the uniform packaging code that currently exists to make sure that business clients and customers receive the highest level of care with regard to their packaging needs.

Essentially, the uniform packaging code within the United States provides guidelines for the listing of key information about packaging such as its source and weight, ensuring that a level playing field is kept in the world of shipping, and that even small businesses can properly compete with the biggest companies. (For those unfamiliar with the uniform packaging code, a handy government guide can be found here.)

Making the Deadline: How Customer Reviews Can Build a Business

While uniform packaging requirements tend to set the standard in the current marketplace for minimum standards in shipping, many smaller companies are finding that the best way to win their share of the market is to develop a reputation for meeting shipping deadlines.

Even sites that cater to small business owners or individual sellers such as eBay center their customer satisfaction ratings around a provider’s ability to get a product to a client on time and in good condition. With the rise of company review sites such as Yelp or Google Reviews, a reputation for getting packages to customers on time can create thousands of dollars worth of free advertising, particularly as customers rave about their buying experiences online. Many business owners often find that the positive reviews they receive on the Internet are a great means for creating new business connections, particularly as potential customers use search engine results and business reviews to decide where to shop next.

For these reasons, using top-tier packaging to create a special experience for customers can create an extremely successful business model for businesses of any size. For many businesses, some of the greatest rewards come from providing a meaningful connection to their clients and customers. According to Denver Brewery Tours}, there’s no better way to get to know a city than to tread its streets, stroll its sidewalks, and wander between its buildings. And that is what creating a successful business is all about!