Classic breakfast of coffee, toasted bagels with butter and orange juice

It is said that breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day, and for good reason, too. Those who fuel up with breakfast are more likely to be attentive, happy, and productive. They also tend to have lower chances of developing diabetes and heart disease. If you’re visiting NYC, don’t miss trying the many delicious and iconic breakfast foods served there.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is a breakfast meal that originated in New York City over a century ago. This fancy favorite is made of up two English muffin slices, topped with sliced Canadian ham, a poached egg, and a creamy hollandaise sauce. Pair it with a side of crispy home fries and a glass of Bloody Mary for a truly delectable breakfast experience.


Another well-loved NYC-inspired breakfast staple is the bagel, a delicious circular bread product that hails from the Jewish communities in Poland. They are made of high-gluten flour, yeast, sweetening, and salt. New York bagels are known to be the best in the world. They are chewy, soft, and doughy. Popular bagels varieties to try are the everything bagel, blueberry bagels, chocolate chip bagel, and cinnamon raisin bagels. Add a tasty spread, such as cream cheese or butter. If you love savory breakfast sandwiches, be sure to try the bagel with lox, which is a bagel sandwich that is topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon fillet. Popular accompaniments include sliced tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers. There are so many different types of bagels and things to pair with them that the combinations are seemingly endless.

Corned Beef Hash

If you are a meat and potatoes kind of person, you will love the corned beef hash plate. It originally came to popularity for dinner and lunch as a way to utilize leftovers, but over the years, it has made a splash in the breakfast world. Corned beef hash is a flavorful dish consisting of chopped up meat, which is usually a type of brined-beef brisket, onions, and potatoes. It is cooked in a cast-iron skillet and commonly paired with runny eggs and hearty biscuits. Corned beef hash has Irish origins and continues to be a favored breakfast choice among many.

There are many tasty breakfast options located everywhere you go. Iconic NYC breakfast foods, like eggs Benedict, bagels, and corned beef hash, are beloved by many. The simple, classic flavors of these NYC favorites are not only unpretentious, but they’re satisfying too.

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