When you’ve been rooting around your local pharmacy, you might’ve noticed just how many supplements there are. It may seem like overnight that the supplement industry infiltrated all of our stores. While it was a more gradual process, there’s no question that supplements are big business in the U.S. These are some reasons why the supplement industry has been experiencing so much success.

Laws Make it Easy

While prescription and over-the-counter medication need to be thoroughly vetted by the Food and Drug Administration, the same doesn’t happen for supplements. The FDA will only test supplements should there be evidence of their lack of safety after going on the market. As a result, there are relatively few obstacles to getting supplements made. If somebody wants to start selling their own supplements, they mainly need to focus on how to reach an audience with the best product possible. They also need to make sure to test the products themselves, as they don’t want to deal with the backlash that could occur if their products are found ineffective or harmful.

Private Labels Are Booming

Many retailers have turned to selling products under their own brand, alongside those sold by other distributors. These are known as private labels, and they’re part of the supplement industry’s rise. The U.S. is full of companies that have realized that private labels give them far greater control over product and pricing. Buying and using private labels can be very profitable for companies. With more funds at their disposal, retailers can explore new products, such as supplements. Should they be able to reach an audience with these new products, the profits can surge even higher.

Ease of Access

People know they need to have certain nutrients for optimal health, but getting them regularly often goes up against busy schedules. If their doctor tells them they’re lacking magnesium or a certain vitamin, it’s far easier to just stock up on supplements. It’s crucial to remember these are supplements, not replacements. These products shouldn’t take over for a healthy diet. Instead, they should just be a way to further enhance an already balanced lifestyle. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about using supplements. 

Whether or not you use supplements, it’s hard to not be impressed by all they’ve been able to accomplish. You probably know at least one person who swears by at least one kind of supplement. There are also so many different kinds to choose from. Keep your eyes on the supplement industry, as there’s no telling where it could go from here.