There’s a lot of responsibility required to be a homeowner. One of those responsibilities is making sure your home is a place where your family and your assets can remain secure. Deciding how to keep yourself and your family safe is your God-given right. According to statistics, there are 2 million home burglaries a year in the United States. Violent crimes are decreasing in America, partially due to Americans taking the initiative to protect themselves. Here are a few strategies you can use to secure your home and your assets.

1. Insurance

You should certainly take all the precautions necessary to make sure a burglary doesn’t happen in the first place. However, if one does happen, you also need to make sure it isn’t a devastating financial loss. Homeowners insurance can help protect you against the loss of a home burglary. Make sure to review your policy and see what is covered. Insuring financial assets as well as very valuable personal possessions may require extra coverage.

2. Home Security System


Consider installing a home security system. Such a system should include detection, alarms and surveillance. Thankfully, home security prices have gone down over the years as the technology has become less expensive. Digital cameras that stream video via Wi-Fi connections are far cheaper to purchase, install and maintain than the much more bulky analog set-ups of the past. Having a home security system installed is important to insuring your home and the assets stored within are secure. The mere existence of a security system is enough to ward off most criminals.

3. Smart Home Security Technology
However, with today’s technology, you should also consider integrating “smart” features into your home security system. Many home security systems are now integrated with apps. This means you can control the system via a smart phone, tablet or other internet connected device. It can allow you view security camera footage while thousands of miles away. It also allows you to alert the police via your smart phone if you detect trespassers. If you integrate your door looks into the system, you can also check to see if your doors are locked after you leave home. If they aren’t, you can lock them with your phone. There are many great possibilities.

4. Safes


Lastly, you should consider purchasing safes to hold your most valuable assets and possessions. While it is possible for safes to be broken into, that requires skill sets that most criminals don’t have as well as plenty of time. Chances are burglars won’t even bother trying to crack a safe at all and will target items that require far less work to steal.


5. Firearms

Different states have different laws governing the ownership and use of firearms, but the Supreme Court has consistently held for decades that you have the right to defend your home with guns, provided that you reasonably believe your life to be in danger. If you choose to employ firearms for home defense, be sure to store them safely, so that they cannot pose a danger to curious children or their friends.

You need to be proactive when it comes to protecting yourself, your family, and your assets. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take steps immediately to develop a plan to keep your home secure.