security laws

Protecting your home and family is more than a responsibility — it is your right as a citizen. Fortunately, modern technology makes keeping your home and family safe more effective and convenient than ever before. There are safeguards for securing firearms, reinforcements for doors and locks, and, of course, security systems. But in order to utilize these resources, however, you must be willing to follow the associated laws.

Filming Restrictions

Many security systems come with surveillance cameras that cover both the interior and exterior of a person’s property. The goal is to be able to identify intruders. A trespasser, obviously, waives any expectation of privacy when in your home. However, there are certain restrictions in place to protect the privacy of the innocent. For example, it is against the law for someone’s cameras to view or record anything in a neighbor’s yard that isn’t already in plain view.

Legitimate Companies

There are likely several different security system companies available in your area. Some of them you may know by name, and others you may not have heard of. The company you choose is important because most states have strict licensing requirements for these businesses. If you purchase protection through a company that isn’t accredited, there can be serious consequences. Troubleshooting your ADT home security system is easy, for example, but an unreliable system could malfunction when you need it most.


The right to bear arms is built part of the very foundation of the American Constitution, but it has become a commonly debated issue of the past few decades. Some people believe that gun ownership is a solid way to protect the things that are most important to them, but firearms can an unreliable and even dangerou method of security in certain situations. If you use firearms as your security method of choice, you may fall under scrutiny by members of law enforcement. Maintain the proper paperwork and adhere to federal and state regulations for best results.


No matter how progressive or “civilized” we become, there will still be people who see others as a target. This is a sad, but true, aspect of any society. Because of these threats, you should not be afraid to use the tools at your disposal — but you should know how to use them responsibly. While you are entitled to protect your property and loved ones, it is just as important to follow the rules. Otherwise you are not much better than the criminals in the eyes of the law.