A woman with allergies to a cat

Florida is one of the most popular places to live in the U.S. due to the beautiful weather and the beaches that it offers. Although living in the Sunshine State may be a dream for many residents, it doesn’t mean that there are a few drawbacks, which typically involves seasonal allergies. If you want to alleviate your allergies throughout the spring and summer seasons, there are a few main tips to follow.

Use the Time of Day and Weather to Your Advantage

Many people don’t realize that certain times of day can trigger allergies, which makes it necessary to plan when you choose to spend time outdoors. The weather that is present can also impact a person’s exposure to certain environmental elements. Pollen counts are typically lower at night, which means if you exercise or walk your dog, it’s best to do it in the evening. Showering after your outdoor excursion will also help.

Be Proactive

You’ll need to take a proactive approach when it comes to reducing your exposure to allergens. Consider removing ragweed that is present in your yard, which is one of the main triggers of allergies for residents in Florida. You can also consider visiting a specialist to determine what you may be allergic to and to obtain the necessary medication or suggested tips from an expert, especially if you’re dealing with issues like sinusitis. ENT doctors specialize in sinus issues and can help determine the specific issue at hand and how to help.

Replace Your HVAC Filter

Allergens can often circulate in the home if the HVAC filter becomes dirty and isn’t replaced. Make it a point to replace the HVAC filter every two to three months, depending on how much it’s used. You can also use an air purifier with a HEPA filter to remove particles that circulate and can breathe easier by improving your indoor air quality. Keeping the windows closed and avoid hanging your clothes outside to dry are also effective tips that can limit your exposure and symptoms.

Understanding how to limit your exposure to common allergies while living in Florida is key to maintaining your productivity and protecting your health. By taking the right steps, you can continue to enjoy the warmer months of the year and feel more like yourself when you’re spending time inside or in the great outdoors.

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