Health is such an important part of our overall well-being, but so many people let it go by the wayside. You might visit your doctor for regular checkups but not pay enough attention to your daily health habits. Fortunately, keeping up with your health can be easy and painless. Being proactive at home and having an awareness of the following four factors that impact your overall health will help keep you healthy and full of energy.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are lurking in so many food products you probably buy on a regular basis. Foods that are marketed as diet-friendly, in particular, tend to bulk up on the low-cal artificial sweeteners. These sugar alternatives might appear to be friendly to your waist, but in fact, they can actually increase the risk of obesity and heart disease. Artificial sweeteners can hurt your teeth, too. They cling to the enamel and weaken it throughout the day between brushing. In short, it’s best to avoid them when possible. If you want snack foods that are good for your teeth, choose nuts, fruits or vegetables instead.

Not Drinking Enough Water

There is a reason you need water. Your body is mostly water (60 percent water, in fact), and it keeps you hydrated, which keeps your internal systems moving smoothly. When you don’t drink enough water, your whole body suffers. Not drinking enough water can negatively affect your mood, memory, and attention. So make sure you are proactive in drinking enough water so you can make sure you feel energized and happy.

Energy Balance

It’s suggested that energy balance promotes optimal physical and mental health. When your energy is out of balance, you tend to compensate with alternatives to healthy options. You might stock up on sugars and sweets because they give you a momentary boost. Instead, getting a good night’s rest and being proactive about your health will keep your energy in balance and make you less likely to binge on sugars that harm your dental health. Eating too much sugar can also throw your hormones and blood sugar out of balance, as well as increase your risk for a variety of conditions such as heart disease, depression, and even cancer.

Hormonal Imbalances

Whether from a medical condition or a medicine itself, hormonal imbalances can have a huge impact on your health, such as your gums, menstruation cycles, skin, and stress levels. If you find that you are suffering from any of these problems, talk to your doctor about a possible issue with hormones. Oftentimes, they can cause temporary discomfort than can be alleviated with constant proactive care.

Taking care of your health can help you to be happier and more energized overall. Knowing what affects your health on a regular basis is key to being able to take care of yourself. Make sure that you pay attention to these things so you can identify when you need treatment and are able to do what you need to fix them when necessary.

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