The social acceptance of cannabis, as well as its increasing legality throughout the United States, has caused something of a cultural stir. Many individuals who have never taken marijuana in any form are planning to try it out of sheer curiosity. However, the following four bits of information are essential to know for any first-time cannabis users.

Effects Can Vary

The effects of cannabis can vary among users, and this seems to be in large part due to the genetic makeup of the cannabis user. A quick search of the internet will find that a number of studies have been conducted regarding the correlation between individual genetics and the effects of cannabis on users. Approximately 20 percent of the population are winners of the genetic lottery in regards to the use of cannabis. These individuals possess genes that enhance the blissful effects of cannabis use. Likewise, cannabis users that experience paranoia or other less-than-desirable effects can probably also attribute this to their genetic makeup.

Dosage and Method of Ingestion

First-time users should be conservative until getting a feel for how their bodies respond to cannabis. There are many methods of ingestion, but a joint is the simplest and probably the safest for a first-time user. A friend or dispensary worker will be more than happy to provide the prospective cannabis user with a tightly rolled joint to try for the first time. There are also a number of recipes that make cannabis edible in the form of brownies, cookies, candies, and more.

Find a Buddy

The effects of cannabis are often times not immediate and take a few minutes before becoming noticeable to the user. Moods, perceptions, and often appetites can change dramatically once the effects of cannabis kick in. It is probably a good idea to share this experience with a more experienced friend or other trusted individual the first time just in case the user is spooked by the effects. A buddy also comes in handy when it comes to driving. In most states, driving under the influence of marijuana can result in impaired driving and a DUI. It’s best to have a sober friend drive you than to get behind the wheel yourself. 

What to Expect Coming Down

A major advantage to cannabis users is that coming down from a high is nothing like a hangover from alcohol or other drugs. The first-time cannabis user might become sleepy or drowsy after their first high and it is wise to schedule this first experience with cannabis in the evening or at another time when the schedule is clear for quite a few hours.

Have a Fun and Safe Experience

The use of cannabis has been deemed a safe and pleasurable experience for the overwhelming majority of individuals that use the medication. This is also the most likely outcome for the first-time cannabis user that is mindful of the four tips discussed in this article.