Nobody wants to feel stressed all the time, but there are so many things that we do that invite stress into our lives and keep it there. While modern life seems like it should be designed to reduce stress, it can make it worse in some ways. To help take better care of yourself, you can learn to manage some major stressors of modern life.


You don’t have to turn on the news to know how much negativity is impacting us. If you’re an empathetic person, witnessing negativity from others can send a good mood south. It’s common to hear people complaining about things that don’t concern you but which can still cast a pall over your day. The best way to fight this is to have self-preservation tactics available. If you sense someone’s negative energy is affecting you or could affect you, remove yourself from the situation or resolve to do so as soon as you can. Once you’re out of the situation, try to find beneficial activities that help bring you back into a positive mindset.


There’s no type of pain that’s enjoyable to experience, even if you’re able to look back and be grateful for the experience. If untreated, pain can lead to lifestyle problems, whether it’s rooted in mental or physical trauma. You might believe that pain is typically a fleeting matter. Unfortunately, pain is a lingering stressor that can really damage your lifestyle. To keep lifestyle problems at bay, you should reach out for support whenever you sense pain is creeping up or whenever it’s doing any kind of damage to you.


People have long been advised not to compare themselves to their peers, but it can be especially hard when you use social media, and everyone is showing off their latest achievements. You could cut yourself off from these sites and apps entirely and still find yourself comparing yourself to others. Remember that you’ve got as much potential as anyone else and that getting caught up on comparisons only means that you’ll be feeling worse for not being exactly like the people you perceive as your competition.

Many of these stressors can be quite insidious for how well they disguise themselves as normalities of life that we have no choice but to accept. You can take stress as a normal part of life while at the same time recognizing that you don’t have to entertain the stressors any longer than you wish. Keep this in mind, and you’ll be able to bypass stressors with much greater success.