Receiving a cancer diagnosis is scary and highly emotional. However, it is important to focus on what you can do to put yourself in the best position to battle this disease. Here are three ways that you can take care of your body when diagnosed with cancer.

See Your Doctor Regularly

Your oncologist should be your best resource for information and treatment as you walk this road. If it makes you feel more comfortable, ask for a second opinion to ensure that you’re getting your best treatment options. Once you have found a doctor that you trust, it is vital that you stay in contact with them and schedule your appointments at the recommended intervals. Even if you feel fine physically, it is important to keep the appointments and take the preventative measures needed to prevent cancer from returning. Not only can your doctor provide the necessary physical care, but they are also a good source of mental and emotional support.

Take Your Vitamins

Although no dietary supplement or vitamin can cure existing cancer, there are benefits to taking them if you are looking for assistance in your recovery and to prevent new cancer cells from forming. Vitamin D and vitamin E are both great choices for fighting cancer under a doctor’s supervision. Research has shown that some cancers thrive in bodies with low levels of vitamin D. The high antioxidant properties of vitamin E assists the body in removing damaging free radicals, helping to fend off some types of cancers.

Nourish Your Body

As helpful as vitamins may be to your health, there is no substitute for nourishing your body with beneficial whole foods. A healthy diet helps you to combat side effects, boost overall health, and may possibly even lower your cancer risks in the future. Fresh vegetables and all of their cancer-fighting antioxidants should be the cornerstone of your diet. Other items to eat in abundance include fruit, lean proteins, beans, lentils, and whole grains. A diet that includes probiotic and prebiotic foods will improve your gut health, helping you to cope with many of the side effects of the harsh cancer treatments.

Taking the right steps to alleviate your symptoms and kill the cancer cells will pay off big dividends for your overall health. You owe it yourself to position yourself to beat cancer once and for all.