Working out is one of the best things that you can do for your overall health. However, before you jump into any exercise routine, it is a good idea to acquaint yourself with good sports hygiene practices. Doing so will ensure that you protect your body from annoying infections while also keeping you smelling fresh and clean. Here are three things that men should know about sports hygiene:

Wear the Right Clothing and Change Immediately

You may think that just because you are going to work up a sweat, it is fine to simply throw on an old cotton t-shirt and a pair of shorts. However, it is much better to choose exercise clothing made with material that will wick sweat away from the skin and keeps you fresh. It is also important that you strip off the damp clothing after you finish. Sweaty clothes are a breeding ground for a host of unpleasant itchiness, odors and all types of skin irritation.

Be Wary of Bare Feet

If you are regularly working out in a gym, you need to understand everything about the dangers of fungal infections on your feet. Gym locker rooms and showers are notorious for being breeding grounds for developing athlete’s foot. Because you cannot see the fungus, it is vital that you protect your bare feet as a precaution. You can do this be wearing flip-flops when walking on these surfaces. Because athlete’s foot can take a long time to clear up, it is best to take the proper precautions now rather than just thinking that you can deal with it later.

Neglected Areas

While most men do a good job taking care of the obvious areas, such as under the arms, there are some neglected areas that can become a regular issue if you do not give them special attention. This is a major issue in the awkward areas. Men might tend to ignore these, but it is important to be sure to wash thoroughly when in the shower. The groin area is also susceptible to itchiness if not washed thoroughly after working up a sweat. This is another reason why it is important to strip off sweaty clothes when you are done with your workout.

With the right precautions and sports hygiene practices, you will protect your body and end up feeling better about yourself. All it takes is a little extra time each day. Doing this will help your body to feel much better after you work out and will make a better-smelling environment for those around you.

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