Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be limited to visiting your doctor’s office. The reality is that you must be aware of your body on at least a weekly basis. Of course, going to the doctor every week isn’t the most efficient way to accomplish this. The following list includes health care checks you can perform from the comfort of your own home.

Measuring Stretches

Stretching and exercise are the best ways to maintain your physical health. However, when it comes to understanding if your workouts or stretches are being effective, it is important to have concrete evidence. This can be accomplished by measuring your stretches weekly or biweekly. Measuring allows you to see real numbers of improvement as you master each stretch. It can also help you avoid stretches that are clearly not working in your favor. Whether modifications or complete deletion of a form of stretching is warranted, measuring is the best way to come to that decision.

Muscle Testing

A method that has been growing in popularity over the past 30 years is muscle testing. This test format is a noninvasive assessment tool used by medical practitioners for many years to determine the strength of a person’s muscle. However, since the exam is so simple, most people can perform it on themselves. The test will provide you with accurate information regarding your muscle health as well as provide insights into the health of your whole body.


Most people don’t tend to perform out-of-the-ordinary movements, but doing so on a weekly basis can help you discover underlying medical issues. One of the most common issues that people tend to observe within themselves is mobility. A bad back or damaged rotator cuff might not show itself until your body goes through an unnatural movement. Often, this can lead to more serious issues. Thus, testing your mobility is key to keeping yourself healthy. This can be easily accomplished by performing a few movements either sitting down or standing up. These mini exercises may include rotating your elbows side to side, moving your legs in a circular pattern and bending over to test the flexibility of your back.

Maintaining your health is something that should not be left only to the doctors. In order to maintain a healthy body, you must also create the habit of performing self-medical tests on a weekly basis. Adhere to the list above to begin formulating your own set of medical checks.

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