When you think about lawyers, the first thoughts that come to mind are probably the common fields, such as DUI, criminal, bankruptcy, and family law. You may be surprised to know that there are numerous specialized fields that lawyers get into. In many cases, it is out of necessity, not design. Some also choose these rare fields because it may pique their interest or present a new challenge.

World Trade Center Law

After the World Trade Center disaster on 9/11, many lawyers began to specialize in 9/11 compensation for people who experienced post-9/11 illnesses. Many lawyers worked extremely hard to ensure victims received fair compensation for physical and mental 9/11 illnesses. Many people developed cancer and respiratory problems. Initially, victims of 9/11 targeted the airlines with their lawsuits. Lawmakers feared the suits would bankrupt the airline industry, so they passed the World Trade Center Health Program and the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. By the end of 2016, the 9/11 Compensation Fund had paid over $2 billion to victims and first responders.

In many ways, the 9/11 Compensation Fund is similar to workers’ compensation. It was designed to be a fast and fair alternative to litigation against the airlines. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always worked out that way for some victims. This is why many of them sought out the services of a 9/11 lawyer to ensure they got what they deserved. First responder claims are prioritized, which has led to a tremendous delay for other victims. Victims are entitled to compensation for financial losses, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Medical conditions that qualify for compensation include trauma wounds, mental trauma, cancer, and musculoskeletal health problems. To qualify for trauma wound compensation, you had to be at or near the World Trade Towers when the disaster occurred. Mental health problems from 9/11 that a lawyer can help you qualify for compensation for include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression.

Source: Marie Napoli | Napoli Schkolnik PLLC

Aviation Law

This law focuses on everything involving air travel, including operation, regulation, business matters, and maintenance. Lawyers in this field also need a high level of knowledge about FAA regulations and certain laws pertaining specifically to flying. Aviation lawyers can be hired by individuals who were hurt or lost a loved one in an aviation accident or by individuals accused of violating specific laws. The latter may include pilots, mechanics, or air traffic controllers. Most aviation law is based on FAA rules and regulations, but state governments also have established certain aviation policies.

Equine Law

Equine law is a specialized field that focuses on horses and anything related to them. This includes their activities, businesses, organizations, and facilities. Most equine lawyers are hired by horse owners or professionals to prepare or review horse-related contracts. Some attorneys are sought out to handle disputes involving an equine transaction. Other equine lawyers focus strictly on tax and immigration problems related to the industry, specifically on the purchasing of a horse in a different country.

Source: Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC

Fashion Law

A fashion lawyer specializes in advising fashion companies on issues that affect their business such as licensing, trademarks, and copyrights. This industry has a wide variety of needs and lawyers that have a background in finances, taxes, international trade, and employment may be well-suited for this field. Like any specialized field, it is important to learn as much as possible about the fashion industry in order to be a successful lawyer.

Transgender Law

Transgender attorneys represent transgender victims who are harassed or discriminated against based on their gender identity. Despite awareness and other strides that have been made, unfair treatment still occurs in the workplace and all areas of our society. This can be a challenging field because many transgender people have been victims of extreme hate, abuse, and death threats. Even lawyers who represent victims may experience similar attacks.

Video Game Law

Video game lawyers primarily provide legal advice to the gaming industry. They provide their services to small startups, individuals, or large companies. These lawyers focus on negotiating contracts, seeking patents, and reducing risk. Some other services include media and technology licensing, venture capital financing, intellectual property, early stage support, and corporate governance.

Source: Priori

In closing, there is a wide variety of specialized law fields that you may not have been aware of. Some of them were mentioned above, but there are many other specialized fields as well. Lawyers typically get into these fields to gain additional business or because they desire a new challenge. While these industry-specific attorneys generally charge more, the extra cost is usually worth it because these lawyers have a high level of knowledge of the field.

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