Whether a person is charged with a crime or facing a lawsuit that could result in having to pay thousands of dollars, the fact is they need an attorney who can help them win their case. However, since criminal and civil cases have a variety of differences, it’s important to remember attorneys want to help you avoid financial penalties as well as possible jail time. To gain a better understanding of the roles both types of attorneys play in court cases, here are some ways in which both are beneficial.

Avoiding Prosecution

If you’re facing criminal charges, an attorney specializing in criminal defense is a must. Not only can they investigate the facts of the case, examine the applicable laws, and provide advice as to how to plead, but they can also prove beneficial in helping to negotiate plea agreements, which can help you avoid a trial.

Civil Litigation

For those people who find themselves facing lawsuits against them personally or perhaps their business, a civil attorney can mean the difference between continued financial success or financial ruin. In these cases, a plaintiff is either seeking monetary damages or perhaps an injunction, which is an order preventing the plaintiff from performing certain activities. Because the consequences of these cases can be financially devastating, it’s important to realize a civil attorney wants to help you keep your money, your business, and your good name within the community.

Not a Free Ride

While it can be important to choose an attorney who wants to help you achieve the results you seek, it’s also vital to realize one key difference between defense and civil attorneys. If you find yourself charged with a crime and do not have the money needed to hire your own attorney, the government will appoint a public defender to you free of charge. However, if you are facing civil litigation and are in need of an attorney, you’ll have to pay for their services yourself.

Which Attorney is More Beneficial?

Ultimately, determining which of these attorneys is more beneficial depends upon an individual’s circumstances. Since both specialize in areas that may overlap, it’s important to have an attorney who has experience in both types of law. After all, attorneys want to help you achieve the best possible results that will allow you to continue your current standard of living. By knowing this and carefully choosing an attorney who truly understands your case, chances are you’ll come out on top.