A felony conviction can change your life forever. Most companies do background checks, and a felony can stand in your way of a rewarding career. Here are six ways that a felony conviction can upset your career plans:

It can prevent licensing

There are a lot of professions that require a license. Attorneys are one example. If you have a felony conviction, the licensing association might say that you lack the character and fitness to join the profession. This can also be a problem for medical professionals and other industries.

International travel can be difficult

When you want a job that requires international business travel, a felony conviction can make this more complicated. Many countries don’t allow a person to enter the country for a period of time if they have a felony conviction. There are exceptions, but even the exceptions require time-consuming paperwork.

Your license may be affected

Depending on the reason for the felony conviction, you may lose your driver’s license. If your conviction stems from a driving offense, you may not be able to get a commercial driver’s license. Also, if your conviction relates to a violation of your state’s motor vehicle laws, your employer may not want to pay higher insurance rates in order to hire you.

Forget criminal justice

Sometimes you can pursue a career in criminal justice even with one or two misdemeanor convictions. Of course, this depends on the exact reason for the criminal conviction, your age at the time of the offense and what you’ve learned since your conviction. However, if your conviction is for a felony, most law enforcement departments won’t even consider reviewing your application.

Working with children

A felony conviction may prevent you from a job that works with children. This could affect your ability to work as a teacher, coach or work at a daycare. Your state laws may not allow a person with a felony conviction to work in these capacities, or an employer may balk at hiring you with your conviction.

You’re less competitive

Even if you can still apply for a particular job with your felony conviction, you still have to convince an employer to hire you. Most jobs are competitive and receive more applications than there are available positions. In this case, a felony conviction can lead an employer to choose another candidate. Even if you’re otherwise qualified, your conviction can prompt a rejection letter instead of a start date.