Why are more and more teens involved in underage drinking? Here are four reasons why underage drinking is wreaking havoc on our society.

Drinking Alcohol at Young Ages

Throughout history, underage teens and adults have found ways to get alcohol in their systems in many creative ways. Sources explain that recent surveys tell us that 11% of the alcohol consumed in the United States is by underage drinkers between the ages of 11-20. Obtaining alcohol isn’t as hard as you would imagine. Most underage people get to their alcohol via older influences or drinking at parties. This happens every day, especially at prom afterparties or at private gatherings.

Drinking is “Cool”

The thing about drinking is that teens and underage adults view drinking as a cool thing to do. They see it as a way to grow up faster and fit into the cool crowd. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Drinking is an adult activity that comes with great responsibility. So many people abuse the privilege of drinking alcohol just for the feeling. This can cause you to lose control of yourself and put you in dangerous situations. Drinking socially can help people bond, but one should never use drinking as an excuse for a certain social status.

Harsher Laws Haven’t Helped

Sources report that teenagers make up more than 10% of all alcohol consumption in the United States. Not only is underage drinking unhealthy for the minds and bodies of these teens, but underage drinking is a criminal offense. If law enforcement catches anyone under the age of 21 drinking alcohol, it can result in penalties such as community service or prison time. These penalties don’t seem to stop underage drinking, though. Teens still seem to get away with drinking and don’t show fear of what may happen if they drink.

The Key is Educating Teens on Alcohol Abuse

No matter what types of laws are set in place in our justice system, there will probably still be underage drinking. Law enforcement just doesn’t have enough control over incognito drinking. Sources indicate that the only way to truly save our teens from underage drinking is to educate them on why it is important to wait until 21, as well as safe alcohol consumption.

Underage drinking is a serious matter in the United States. More and more teens and underage individuals are getting hurt or getting caught while driving under the influence. Teens are obtaining alcohol at young ages and believe it is cool. Despite being harsher than they were in the past, the laws don’t seem to help either. Educating young adults on safe alcohol consumption is a great way to help our future leaders make wise choices.