You’ve finally made it. You’ve put in the work necessary to start your very own law firm, with the help of your partner lawyers. But before you start getting to work taking cases, you might want to consider different team members that you could include to grow your law firm. While the attorneys and associates at a law firm are usually the more visible team members, many people are working behind the scenes to make sure that the firm keeps getting work done.

Marketing Experts

When you’re in the first stages of opening your law firm it is very important to hire a marketing expert for your team. A marketing expert will be able to manage the publicized appearance of your firm, aside from cases and evidence that comes from the work of the attorneys. By using websites, social media platforms, and other business platforms like LinkedIn, a marketing expert can advertise the services of your law firm, highlighting your strengths and recording your victories. Today, people always turn to social media or the internet to find solutions to their problems, and you want to make sure that when they do, your law firm is one of the options that catch their eye.

Accounting Advisors

Accountants play important roles in many businesses, but especially when it comes to maintaining the financial organization of law firms. By having an accountant join your team, you’d be guaranteeing that your law firm will be organized and up to date in all financial matters. Your accountant will take care of gathering, recording, organizing, and analyzing your law firm’s financial transactions to make sure that you are being lawful in financial matters. They could also offer you financial advice on how to grow your company with outsourcing services, investments, loans, expenditures, etc. Accounting advice can be invaluable and help you avoid costly mistakes.

HR Experts

Although HR sometimes gets a bad rap in pop culture and modern media, it plays an essential role in any business setting. Having an HR Expert on your team would ensure that administrative details are taken care of. Your HR Expert would perform tasks such as interviewing, recruiting, hiring, and training new employees, writing and enacting company policies, and guaranteeing the benefit plans for your team members. An HR Expert would also be able to oversee your workplace, analyzing job roles and productivity and the overall safety and development of your firm. While all of these administrative tasks are extremely important, they can be sometimes overlooked when you’re involved in a profession so strenuous as law. By hiring an HR expert, you’d guarantee that those tasks get done and that your team is taken care of.

Business Lawyers

If you don’t specialize in business law, you will want to have a business law specialist on your team so that you can avoid legal complications or mistakes. Even for a law firm, there are many benefits of hiring a business lawyer. A business lawyer would also be able to aid you in your legal transactions with your clients, ensuring that your contracts are prepared properly. They can also take care of the business law details that your attorneys don’t have time to cover, such as buying or leasing your building, having your appropriate taxes and licenses, and ensuring your security in contracts and agreements with others.  

IT Managers

In our modern digital age, an IT Manager is a must-have for your law firm team. An IT Manager would be in charge of all of the computer software and hardware that your company utilizes, ensuring that your technology functions properly. They could also take charge of researching and ordering new technology equipment or scheduling repairs for your existing equipment. It is good to hire an IT Manager that not only has a bachelor’s or master’s degree in an IT or computer science-related field but also one that has experience handling IT for companies. If you don’t have an IT Manager in your law firm, it could cause serious problems for you when your network or computer technology inevitably runs into issues.


Having a receptionist is very important to the success of your local law firm office. If you ever have any type of visitor coming into your office, you want to make sure that you have a receptionist there to take care of their needs. They can greet clients and schedule their meetings, receive and transfer phone calls, deal with incoming and outgoing packages and mail, and keep a visitor log book among other duties. A receptionist will be able to organize many things that will keep your law firm running much more smoothly

Legal Secretaries

While not all attorneys will tell you that they need a legal secretary, many will admit that their business matters stay much more organized and up to date when they hire one on. Legal secretaries can take care of some of the essential but time-consuming elements of work, such as preparing and answering emails, taking phone calls, organizing and filing case materials, keeping logs of client visits, and recording the time spent on each case. They can also proofread case documents and contracts to make sure that everything is for the attorney to move forward. An experienced legal secretary could even research to help with a case if needed. All of these duties are designed to streamline the productivity of a law firm and its attorneys.  

Record/Court Clerks

Record clerks, also known as court clerks, are responsible for preparing, organizing, and filing the documents necessary in a court case. They are supposed to maintain the upkeep of files as a case progresses, downloading or printing any files that the attorney may deem necessary. During and after the closing of a case, clerks are responsible for organizing the case documents in files or boxes that will provide easy access if needed in the future. Some of the responsibilities of a record or court clerk can be covered by a legal secretary, but law firms may find that additional organization and attention are required for busy seasons or extensive cases.

In conclusion, remember that your law firm team is not complete without these various team members. While it is incredibly important to find eligible, accountable, and experienced attorneys, many other team members will ensure that your attorneys can be successful in their cases. If you take the time to consider the different responsibilities covered by the various roles that have been discussed today, you’ll see that your law firm will be more organized and successful if it includes these members.