2017 Trump Presidential Inauguration

How to get Inauguration Tickets

Inauguration tickets are assigned a month ahead to congressional districts via members of the House of Representatives or US Senate. You may contact your senator or house representative to get tickets to the main event. Washington DC currently expects 800,000-900,000 people to attend the historic inaugural event. While most of these people are there to cheer the new president on, including thousands of Bikers for Trump, there may be large number of protesters who are expected to show up.

To get tickets to the event, you need to be a resident in the congressional district of the congressperson or senator from whose office you are requesting a ticket.  Ticket requests will often require contact information and other details so your representative can mail the tickets to you.  Due to the

Here are some useful links to find the contact information of your senate or representative’s office to request tickets:

Tickets to swearing in ceremony are free of charge and are generally distributed in early January. While the tickets to the inauguration are gratis, some unscrupulous individuals my try and sell them on craigslist, ebay, or some other online marketplace.

Primary seating and viewing areas for the event are ticketed and other areas that are located further away may not require tickets. These public viewing areas allow anyone to witness this historic event.

How to watch the Inaugural Parade

The parade is open to the public and free of charge. Certain premium spots that have seating are available for ticket holders. These tickets are handled by the Presidential Inaugural Committee. The parade includes marching bands from around the country, entertainers, along with Donald and Melania Trump.

Attending one of the many Inaugural Balls

The inauguration is one of the biggest nights in Washington DC. Everyone wants to throw a ball. Some of the balls are traditionally hosted and attended by the newly elected President while others allow attendees to rub shoulders with congresspersons and other officials. Getting into the official balls often require special invitations while other balls sell tickets. Prices range from $100 -$1,000 depending on the event. For many inaugural ball attendees this is a chance to wear extravagant gowns and elegant formal suits. To learn more about tickets, visit the Presidential Inaugural Committee site.

Enjoying the Inaugural Events in Washington DC

If you are attending one of the many 2017 Presidential Inauguration events, dress warm as the weather is expected to be in the low 50’s along with possible rain on Friday. The evenings will be cold as temperatures in DC will drop into the high 30’s.

If you do encounter protesters, be careful. With all the animosity towards Donald Trump by former Hillary supporters, encounters with them may turn ugly. Stay safe and wisely avoid engagement with those who choose not to support our new President. Protesters have a right to voice their opinions, it’s part of what makes America great.

How to Watch the Inauguration Online

If you are not going to be able to attend live events in Washington DC, you can follow along with live streams online. Fox News, CNN and other media outlets will be streaming the swearing in and parade live.