When you work as a driver—whether for a trucking company or as a contracted driver—safety is a major concern. There are many dangers that drivers have to be aware of including, but not limited to, collisions, driver fatigue, poor visibility, and unsafe driving conditions. These dangers are ever-present whether drivers are men or women. With many women working as drivers, it is important to understand what they can do to best protect themselves as they drive for work.

Use A Dash Cam

Whether you are driving in ideal driving conditions or driving through the dead of winter, there are unforeseen liabilities that come with driving for work. Another driver might hit you on the road. With the trucking industry being male-dominated, you are likely to experience a degree of sexual discrimination or sexual misconduct. Considering these things, you would do well to invest in a dash cam. Having a dash cam while driving for work will help you when it comes to handling accident reports or reports of any and all forms of sexual misconduct.

Regular Training

In addition to using a dash cam, regular training can protect women who drive for work to know how to best approach different driving conditions. Through receiving regular training, you can develop a habitual response to driving conditions you might encounter on the road. Training should prepare drivers for various conditions they might experience while on the road. With the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, training sessions might be simulated driving courses that you can find through different trucking agencies. Always complete the requisite training you need.

Be Smart While Driving

Even if you are a veteran driver, it is important to still stay sharp while traveling so as to protect yourself from the elements as well as any unexpected dangers that might come your way. Be aware of changing road conditions. Don’t drive fatigued, and if you must stop at a rest stop at night, be aware of your surroundings, carry your phone with you, and don’t walk between trailers in the dark. If an attacker approaches you, make sure to have something you can use as a weapon. Make lots of noise. Do anything to keep yourself safe.

Your safety matters. Taking the proper precautions could be a matter of life or death. Use a dash cam, receive regular training, and be smart while driving to make sure that you stay safe while you work.

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