Parents often worry about potential health hazards inside the home. Aside from general home security concerns, they worry about the light sockets that their toddler might stick his finger into, and they worry about the stairs that he might fall down. But if you’re a parent, it’s crucial to take the necessary precautions to ensure that your child doesn’t get hurt when he or she is playing outside. There are numerous dangers hidden around the yard that many parents aren’t aware of, but a few precautions could prevent serious injury.

Tools Left Around the Yard

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Tools that are left around the yard can pose a danger to toddlers. Rakes and digging spades can be sharp, and if you leave them around your toddler, he could very easily cut himself on them. Pick up your tools, and store them out of your toddler’s reach. The best way to take care of your tools is to clean as you go. By the end of the day, when you’re working on a long project, you might be so tired you forget you left out a saw or a hammer. If you clean while you go, then there is far less risk of leaving out something that a toddler could find, or could use to accidentally injure themselves.

Poisonous Plants

Even if you have a fairly well-maintained yard, it’s possible for poisonous plants like mushrooms or other plants to encroach on your lawn. Even some leaves, and berries can be poisonous, so do your research on what’s in your yard. Toddlers are curious and explore the world with their mouths. Protect your child by regularly checking the area for plants that look unfamiliar. Then, identify them to determine if they pose a threat.

Window Wells

Window wells are necessities in basements that can save lives in the event of a house fire, but they can be a hazard to your toddler. Place window well covers over window wells to ensure that your child doesn’t fall in. The covering you choose should be light enough to lift off from below yet sturdy enough to hold the weight of your child.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a necessary part of landscape design in many yards, but remember that your child can get hurt if he or she falls off the edge. Most parents understand that toddlers need constant supervision, but don’t be fooled into thinking that your child won’t fall off the edge when you’re only a few feet away. Children are quick, so make sure you stay nearby, or put a small fence near high walls until your child is old enough.

Aggressive Animals

Most animals leave humans alone, but if your child unwittingly wanders near a mother’s den full of cubs, most animals will protect their young. Much more likely though would be an instance where a child goes to an unknown dog or other animal expecting it to be friendly, and it’s not. Know what kinds of animals may wander into your area. For added safety, it’s best to fence in your yard to keep unwanted animals out and your toddler in. 

Keeping toddlers safe is a full-time job. Take a few moments every day to find potential hazards around your yard so that you can keep your toddler away from danger.