If you are looking for a western city to explore that is off-the-beaten path but still offers much to do, consider Hillsboro, Oregon. This community, located seventeen miles west of Portland, offers many engaging activities so everyone is sure to find one or more things to do in Hillsboro that they will enjoy.

Close to Nature

There are many places in and near Hillsboro to reconnect with nature. Right behind Hillsboro High School, Rood Bridge Park is a great place to hide away from the world for a few minutes. Nearby, Jackson Bottom Wetland Preserves offers visitors many hiking trails and a pond. Bring along your binoculars so that you can watch for the many species of birds that call this wetland home at least seasonally. Bald Peak State Park offers many scenic overviews along nature trails with benches. This makes it a superb spot to contemplate the world. With so many great ways to experience nature in the area, this is a wonderful location to visit.

Source: Avis

Learn About Farms and Vineyards

There are many fascinating agricultural venues that you may want to visit in this area. Consider starting at Roloff Farms where the unique structures and ambiance will engage the whole family. You can take a private tour or attend their month-long pumpkin festival. In addition to Roloff Farms, there are also several wineries you can visit in the McMinnville AVA (American Viticultural Area) to hear about the local grape industry and sample award-winning wine. You may also want to visit the Hillsboro Farmers Markets, which is open from April to October. In addition, there are several craft breweries on the east end of the town.

Source: WineryHunt Oregon

Experience Culture

Downtown Hillsboro has many arts and cultural venues that you might want to explore. This includes Walters Cultural Arts Center where concerts, art exhibits and lectures are commonly held. Talented locals put on a variety of plays each year at the Hillsboro Artists’ Regional Theatre. The Vault Theater is home to a professional theater troupe that puts on American and British plays.

Source: Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council

With so many unique activities to enjoy in Hillsboro, you may want to come often. Fortunately, it is easy to get to this community just 28 miles from Portland International Airport. In addition to being serviced by light train and public bus lines, this safe and friendly city of 106,000 people is very walkable. Make your plans now to go to Hillsboro, Oregon, and discover what you’ve been missing.

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